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If you’ve forgotten what a running game will do for a team, review film of the Saskatchewan offence in the 2013 Grey Cup.

Tell it to Austin, he's got the weapons, but doesn't know how to use them.
Burris is a running quarterback. In most of his previous games, he alone usually gained more yards rushing than the rest of the team put together. Now, every time he does take off, Austin looks Stunned, :?
like he's doing something wrong. :x
& what is it, about him trying to change the way he holds the ball, a little late in the day, isn't it? :expressionless:
& as good as Gable is, he can't do much, like tonight, when he hardly got the ball. :frowning:

& Durant is totally predictable, doing the same thing every game. They should be able to figure him out by now. :cry:

Ticats could not run the ball consistently all season. I think you will see changes along he offensive line and in the defensive backfield next season. Those are the two areas where you will see change and I doubt Henry is offered another contract.

You guys are in good shape.

Everytime they tried he got no yards. Remember the Riders stopped Cornish for 67 yrds in the wf

I don't think the Ti-Cats TRIED to run the ball consistently all season - they never committed to it. Running the football seems to be an afterthought in Austin's offense.

You don't think Burris will be back next year but you still think Ti-Cats are "in good shape" if they hand the reins to an unproven, inexperienced QB who has never started a game in this league?

We did not have a traditional running game all year and we got to the Grey Cup. Give Austin a break. Stopping the run is what hurt us most. Two fumbles with Argo bounces really effected our defense at that point in the game. Had we recovered them and scored.....whole different game.

Whenever KA mentions how great Gable is, he always starts off with that a RB in Ticats O must be first and foremost a good blocker. Gable is that, and a decent runner, IF and WHEN he gets the ball; not so sure that he has the best pass-catching hands amongst CFL RB though, he dropped a couple yesterday that were in his mitts. Why don't they just put another lineman in the backfield and give him the ball once /quarter, just to keep the opposing D honest? (please excuse my sarcasm, but this lack of a semi-balanced O, even if it is mostly passing, is a sore point for me).

And whatever happened to Chevon Walker - showed last year and once this year on the very rare occasions he got the ball, or even dressed, that he has breakaway speed out of the backfield. We have a Mr. Inside and Mr. Outside if KA ever wants a running game to balance the passing attack.

Funny thing... teams that don't run the ball well usually don't stop the run very well either. Maybe it's because the defense doesn't get a chance to sharpen their run-stopping skills against a strong running game during practices.

It took the Riders' O-line until early in the second quarter to establish dominance at the line of scrimmage and then you saw wide open lanes for Sheets and time for Durant... game over!

I stopped watching at half time, a crappy game, crappy half time show a lousy GC!! tuned into the second half of the Broncos/Pats game, a clinic on passing by Manning and Brady. The Broncos RB over 200 yards rushing and they lost. High scoring game, 80 points scored and it went into OT!!

Unbelieveable. You cheer on the team and hope they make the GC, and then at halftime give up on them. Some fan you are..

Well, I guess I'm a lousy fan too, because I did the same thing. If my team doesn't show up to play,
I refuse to watch them. They looked bad yesterday on all fronts. :thdn:

I was almost ready to bail at halftime but was glad I didn't. I quite enjoyed the halftime. Was it as good as a U2 or Springsteen Super Bowl halftime show - no, but heck of a lot better than the Beyonce silliness at last year's Super Bowl halftime show. And indeed most online reviews give Hedley a thumbs up.

And then once the Ti-Cats started to shut down the Riders through much of the 3rd and early part of the 4th quarter and started having some success on offence the game actually got to within one play of being VERY interesting. Had they not converted the 2nd and 19 or we had not gotten called for roughing the kicker both early in the 4th quarter who knows what might have happened. Until those two things we had the momentum and we were within two scores. It was only after those things happened that the tide turned the Riders way again and the rout was truly on.

The Cats showed great fight and character through that 3rd quarter and early 4th and I'm glad I was still tuned in to watch that instead of the one-sided first half of the NFL game - that would have been like watching the one sided first half of the Grey Cup game again. I did catch most of the 2nd half of the NFL game but only after the Grey Cup ended.

Now as for a Ti-Cats running game - no doubt that needs some work - but we may as well get used to the fact that Austin is and always has been a pass happy coach.

Gable only had 6 carries ALL game. Sheets first 6 carries gained a total of 20 yds. His first 4 carries gained 8 yards. The difference is, the Riders didn't stop running....and we saw what happened.

(NOTE: I am not counting the 40 yard fumble recovery, which somehow has been added to Sheets' rushing totals. The Stats on this website describe the play as being an advancement of a fumble. I guess it was so important to everyone at TSN that he break the record, they'll just let it slide...)

I should rephrase that. I think Burris will be offered a contract but not what he is hoping or expecting. This team has a lot of young guys who will want raises and if you look at Tillman and Austin they weren't interested in overpaying for Joseph or Ray. Mpw of Burris is prepared to accept 225.000 plus maybe a couple incentives it could work.
Yes I think this team is in very good shape talent wise and coaching wise.