Missing a Linebacker?

how many times during todays game has the riders easily made a short pass in the middle, or a QB run and turn it into a long gain with no one in sight? it is almost like we were playing down a man. I haven't seen Mariuz, or any other linebacker make a play all game, Siscowic is getting schooled, and knowlton seems like he is playing as a DB because he is way to far from the line and the box...it sure is a good thing the secondary came to play

How dare you point out something that was so PAINFULLY obvious?? :wink:

I can honestly say that we are weaker at the LB position this year than we were last year. Sad statement since that was one of the only areas where we were set IMO.

touchdowncats...I spent the entire game thinking the same thing "If only we had a MLB"! By the end of the game it was "if only we had a LB period"! I know a lot of it is the defensive scheme for the game but they really were conspicious by their absense. When Moreno was traded, someone posted that "Like receivers, linebackers are a dime a dozen" and we all know how long it took us to fine some decent receivers. Those positions have to be one of the priorities in the off season.

8) So you mean that besides needing new O Linemen and D Linemen, we also need new linebackers as well ????? :wink:

Apparently we need a new kicker too :lol:

I’d be satisfied with a new GM and DC :stuck_out_tongue:

We went from two all stars in Armour and Moreno....a good start to a tough defense.
Now we have Anthony, a guy that has been released a couple of times
Ray M. who god bless him tries real hard but is not overly effective
And Knowlton while effective will at no time strike fear in to the opposing team.

I would not mind seeing Beveridge get a crack at Ray's spot. The guy hits like a truck, and would be solid in coverage!!!

Tipper, I didn't have time to include all the things we need! :lol:
And BG, we all know who you want back. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well said. but................THEY SAVE MONEY!!! rah rah rah.........hows the saved money doing on third and short?

Apparently we need a new kicker too :lol:

8) I heard that same thing 3 years ago here BG !!!!!! :wink:

Actually, the worse the Tiger Cats have gotten on the field
the more money bob has been pouring into the team, juice.

1st Jason Maas, then Casey Printers, now Kenton Keith.

bob was told up front by Wettenaul and Braley
that he would lose a lot of money for a while.

He would never have bought the team,
if he wanted to hang on to his money.


bob shouldn't have to hear words of criticism for being cheap
when he is down more 10 million dollars in the last 5 years.

It would be nice if you would stop beating that drum, beet.

[no pun intended]

I think Beet is referring to the fact that some people said that letting Armour go and then trading Zeke were good moves because we were going "younger and cheaper" rather than saying that Bob Young is cheap, Ron.

exactly bg. Once the rah rah type tell us its a good deal because of the money the team saves the bs detector picks up on to the fact that it was a bad deal and money saved is the only way they can justify it. The interesting thing with these so called 'die hards' is the speed at which a player they love, cherish, fawn over, pettition for defensive player of the year, call 'untouchable', the future, a beast, etc etc is somehow demonized in order to justify an obvious bad move. they have to dim someones bright light in order to make someone elses shine brighter but the honest fan is objective and respects ex players more to do that just to defend bad management. And its not one or two times, its EVERY TIME. If the ticat managements moves over the last 6 years have all been the perfect move every time the cats wouldnt be where they are. But of course some have defended pretty much every move.

Borehamgirl said

I think Beet is referring to the fact that
some people said that letting Armour go

and then trading Zeke were good moves

because we were going "younger and cheaper"
rather than saying that Bob Young is cheap, Ron.

Okay, beet, you didn't say bob is cheap.

Obie didn't say Juan Armour wasn't worth
the money he was being paid last year.

Obie said he wanted 2 Canadian starters on Defence.

Nautyn Mc Kay Loesscher was one of them,

and he pencilled in Ray Mariuz as the Canadian
most likely ready to fill a starting position.

That is why Juan Armour was expendable.

This also left money available for other players.

Obie has to make every salary paid out
fit in with Hamilton's overall budget.

Zeke's salary would have been a non issue
if the trade for Tom Canada went through.

Zeke's salary would be less than Tom Canada's salary,
so there would not be any great saving from that trade.

I am talking about the fans ron. Justifying losing a great player(every time it happens) with the 'saved money' excuse and they way they turn on them the minute they are out of hamilton. If that is all they can use to justify someone leaving then I am glad they are not the gms, you can always find cheaper players. Our gm and ownership are capable of mistakes. Like I said, if every move they made is the right one(as some will say and defend), why are the cats where they are?