Missed the season opener

Totally forgot about the CFL...expecting the season to begin on July 4th weekend.

Oh well. Missed that one.

East division still sucks and the status quo for the same ole 4/5 division setup stinks.

Tired of the league not adopting my suggestions. 3/3/3 format with 4 teams making the playoffs (one wildcard) with the semis being a best-of-three should have been adopted.

Great league but the management is terrible just like Kirby Wilson of the Pittsburgh Maulers.

What do you mean the east sucks the two east teams took cow town and the bombers to the final play of the games. Hamilton too the riders to the last few minutes of the forth snd the game coulda gone either way until the riders scored two TDs in 27 seconds for the win


One season opener should have been played in the United States...complete with fireworks afterwards.

Conditioned to think about the CFL in July, not June.

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I also get tired of the league not adopting my suggestions, and then I realize that I just float around the house in my underwear until 3pm on the weekends.

Lighten up :wink:

Time for another US expansion?