Missed the Jersey Sale, Anyone Have One For Sale?

Hey all...was off in the wilds of America for work (damn job!!!) and missed the auction. Is there anyone out there who may have 2nd thoughts on their purchase or would like to make a few $$ (NOTE A FEW!)?

which jersey are you talking about cause i have six of them

Hey cmw...looking for a game worn/ready jersey that was auctioned off...which of those do you have?

Minus the one you’re giving me for Christmas of course. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

I have many jersey’s. But all are being used. I use Jesse’s jersey to bandage up any cuts and scrapes with the family as it is used to being on injured bodies. I have all the offensive linemen’s jersey’s but they are being used as vacuumm bags as they all suck. I have some secondary jersey’s but I use them as collander’s for pasta, as they are full of holes. But the creme-da-la-creme jersey is still Maas’s. Thanks Mass for $$$ well spent, his is on the toiulet paper roll. Setta, LB’s, DL…good job!! Your jersey’s were hard to get.