missed penalty at the end

How could Belli not get called at the end for holding Cobb?
The call could have cost us.

That was absolutely ridiculous, Belli grabbing Cobb while in play and throwing him to the ground, 99% of the time it's called INTERFERENCE By PROFESSIONAL REFS, but remember it's the CFL and we are stuck with bad officiating, especially when the Ref is right there to see the play. Remember the last play against Sask, and the Riders were holding, TSN caught it, but Kim Murphy let it go, it's once again BUSH LEAGUE REFS.

Holding on Belli...holding on our DL for the TO convert....anything to help Toronto is considered "good for the league"....always has been , always will be....Hamilton losing doesn't matter...TO losing....is bad for the league...

Yea.... and the blew team is 3 and 7, the REFs are DEFINITELY on their side!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you people even READ what you type before hitting submit??????

Another thing I thought was missed was for the second straight game Mcdaniel has downed the ball in the endzone and gotten hit after doing it. Is that legal now or what?

it is if you stand there and wait ,and wait ,and wait and then go down at the last second. Take a knee and avoid the problem.

Ok are you saying that Belli shouldnt of gotten a penalty called on him for that tackle ?????????????????????/

Always an excuse... :wink:

One simple fixture to the ref problems......................FULL TIME REFS!!!!

Full time refs for a league of 8 teams....I don't think so.

They're tackling him when he downs it, they could easily just touch him or grab his shoulders or something that's not unnecessary.

Oh wait, wait.

"We beat ourselves" Is that more to your liking?? :roll: Sound familiar?

I truly believe it is a complete lack of competence on the part of the refs that is responsible for these kinds of missed calls and not really any sort of bias.

Blue the call was not why we lost the game , BUT , that was a terrible non call and to say anything else is just being a homer . That was an obvious call as i have ever seen and to miss that at a critical moment of the game is awful work . That is the second time that we have had a non call at the end of a game . Sooner or later the calls will go our way and Argo fans will be watching the Cats come playoff time .