Missed opportunity

......pathetic performance against a no-name qb...............what the hell was that.... we have to start a new qb....maybe we have a Lulay on the sidelines....We literally gave that one to the leos.... :thdn: :thdn: b.s football on the Bombers part.. :thdn:

based on our play and the play of the hammer today...(vitually playing against a second string Als.team) i think there should be 2 crossovers.....what a smell-out.. :thdn:

I see their true colors, shining through, played a team with a wining record is what happened there 3 game winning streak was against week teams period! I was pulling for the Bombers but I have no faith in that Bishop i think he closes his eyes when he releases the ball. Play him out the rest of the season as they really have no other option, next year either release him or as a back up and go after someone else can you say KJ

True papa...that was winnable and we knew we needed it, but we didn't get it. Bishop was thoroughly outplayed by Lulay. If Serna made those two FGs we had the margin, but there should have been TDs on more of those drives. I don't like Bishop's grin after he blows one.

2 crossovers? Who do you have in mind? A BC/UBC Eastern Final? :slight_smile:

We meet Hamilton in the last game...but before that, we get Montreal twice, while Hamilton gets another shot at poor old Toronto. Do we really have to hope for an Argo win?? Ouch... :roll:

If we play half as good as we did this week, Toronto better call in sick for this one. I'd LOVE to see KG light it up in Toronto, 4 TD's 400+ yards (3 to Bruce, 1 to McDaniel) :rockin:


JUST IN.....Bishop released. He has had 4 bad games in a row! This 4th loss in a row was simply the last straw according to Bomber management. 4 consecutive losses in a row is just too much to accept, Bishop was put on a bus and told to never return. HEAVY SARCASM

What a bunch of losers!!!! It`s hard to win 4 freakin games in a row. You guys are lucky to have Bishop...Go crawl under a rock you freakin arswipes

Paulpearson...isn't that a little harsh? whats with all the anger? :roll: wow

Because it`s just so pathetic and just what I expected to find here. So I figured I would speak my mind, get banned and move on so I do not have to listen to this crap anymore.

Like Bombers where not going to lose a game?? They just won 3 in a row and Bishop was the main reason.

This is a Bishop fan, not a Bomber fan. He/she was pretty quiet during Bishop's early losses, so there must have been a lot of pent up frustration; now after a few wins it's time to cut loose on unbelievers I guess... :roll:

suprised anyone would be a Bishop fan, when he played for the Riders he stressed the hell out of me, Rider fans have enough stress :lol: :lol:

Back to business about our missed opportunity.

Someone else do the math for me. If we lose our games to Montreal, but Hamilton does beat Toronto, how big do we have to win when Hamilton comes to the Peg for the final game of the season?

you expected to find people blaming Bishop for losing when he had a 13-for-32 game with as many twenty yard overthrows as completions and three interceptions? well, there's a shocker.

gotta agree, this was a missed opportunity. and even if Calvillo's injury keeps him out against us, which I doubt it will, doesn't look like Montreal is too much worse with McPherson. fortunately, if Hamilton keeps losing, we might be alright. but that was definitely a huge opportunity.

The cat's may have lost this one but they nearly upset the #1 team and outplayed them byfar, whereas the Bomber's played arguably their worst football of '09. Winnipeg blew it big time, we have a MUCH better chance of beating Toronto then Winnipeg does of beating Montreal. It all comes down to the last 3 games, even if Hamilton loses two going into the Peg, you probably will too so we might have 6 wins each going into the last game. Hamilton's odds are better of gaining at least 1 win before then fortunately.

I wouldn't say the Bombers played some of their worst football of the year, just that Bishop did. It's tough to keep it that close with a QB that goes 13-for-32. The rest of the team was fine, I thought, other than maybe Bowman dropping a sure TD late in the first half.

and remember, Hamilton didn't look very good for a long period of time before they went in and put up a fight against Montreal, so you never know what might happen.

that said, what I expect is Hamilton to go 1-1 and Winnipeg to go 0-2, so a chance for the Bombers to tie at 7-11.

Don't need to do any math. If the Bombers and Ticats have the same record after the last game of the regular season is played then the winner of the season series is the tie breaker that is used. Right now the season series is tied at 1.

i like how hamilton fans figure they are the second best team in the world right now cause they ALMOST beat a montreals practice roster lol but you guys should sign lulay :stuck_out_tongue: lol im sure he would love to NOT be a back up to printers when the time comes lol i think ol bucky is nearing the end of a very short lived career

Well, as far as I know there's paulpearson and argotom. Paulpearson has already fessed up to being the same person as KELLYFANATIC and bramletgirl (!). I don't think he/she is also argotom, since argotom is rational enough admit it when Bishop has a bad game whereas you have just seen how paulpearson reacts. :roll:

We're already up to 9 QBs on the year; are we shooting for double digits?

A Lulay on the sidelines? Hmm...Randall got cut after years on the sidelines and just a few plays in garbage time to show his stuff...Bramlet was given half a game after a few days' practice...who knows what Santos has, but at least the Als thought he was worth keeping on the roster...Williams gone, Dinwiddie gone, at least they were somewhat known quantities...on balance I do think we should have given Printers a shot...that would make 10! :slight_smile:

Don't have a good feeling about Printers, but wouldn't it be nice if we still had
Dinwiddie to go in when Bishop starts throwing wild. Maybe he would calm down and could return a little more in control. Dinwiddie's release was Kelly's biggest mistake. At a crucial time of the year we have no known back-up. Maybe starting Bramlet or Santos for a quarter and then bring Bishop in , might be the answer.

This was a good close game between two very motivated teams and this is what you get when a QB comes in and you have no clue what he is good at and what he's gonna do (Lulay).

The problem is the Bombers dug a hole... and now they have no room to maneuver. By losing today the Bombers and Ticats have just about guarranteed a crossover for the West.

IMO : There will be ony room for one of these two teams.