Missed opportunity (have SSK and OTT playoff to keep the Roughrider name)

No specific animals, but lots’a bar-flys eh.

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the ottawa mosquitoes

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There are a lot of ravens. But Carleton already took that name.

Then there's the whole beaver tails thing.


nah thats too politically correct its better that the pros play the game that way you can blame the players for ruining the franchise. Also that will make the players work harder!

More fans than the Grey Cup???

Besides which; Ottawa never changed their name
They folded
And when they attempted a comeback realized they could no longer get the copyrights

So it was either Renegades or REDBLACKS or something else
But Rough Riders was never happening

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OSEG bought the rights to the Rough Riders name from Horn Chen, so they could have used the name, legally speaking. I think they just wanted to create a new identity and avoid the whole "Roughriders/Rough Riders in one league" thing.

The western Riders automatically won the name when Ottawa chose Redblacks.

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I heard they never actually bought

But either way yes I agree I think they decided to move on from the dual Riders jokes

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