Missed opportunity (have SSK and OTT playoff to keep the Roughrider name)

Because the saskachewan rough riders and the ottawa rough riders had the same name. They should have played for the name best 2 out of 3 will keep the name. The losers have to change their name. This would have attracted more fans than the grey cup. Maybe next time :football:.


Ya, that red blacks is kind of an odd name.

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…the only problem I see with this proposal is you’re relying on the players of the day to decide this…and most of those players couldn’t give a hoot about the name or the history behind it…most players come and go and only a handful become legacy guys….basically you’re entrusting this very important game to individuals who truly don’t have any vested interest in the long term outcome…so here’s my amendment to your idea:

…each team gets the chance to recruit and field a team of actual fans to play the games…folks who actually care about their team’s history and future…now you’ve got a team ready to do battle for an ideal and not just a pay check…

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Ottawa Rough Riders & Saskatchewan Roughriders
Although the names are nearly the same, their definition is different

Roughrider one who is accustomed to riding unbroken or little-trained horses .

Rough Riders member of 1st Volunteer Cavalry

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Actually, the two-word "rough rider" was also used for horse breakers.

I read an article somewhere in the past few years that linked the origin of Ottawa's nickname to an article in a Hamilton newspaper commenting on the Ottawa team's rough style of play against the hometown team.

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I'm not sure, I pulled this off the interwebmachine

The Rough Riders was a nickname given to the 1st United States Volunteer Cavalry , one of three such regiments raised in 1898 for the Spanish–American War and the only one to see combat. ... The U.S. had gone to war in opposition to Spanish colonial policies in Cuba, which was then torn by a rebellion.


[ ruhf-rahy-der ]SHOW IPA


a person who breaks horses to the saddle.

a person accustomed to rough or hard riding.pp

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This one is from etymology online:

rough rider (n.)

1733, "horse-breaker," from rough (adj. or adv.) + rider. In specific military use, a non-commissioned officer in cavalry regiments, from 1802; meaning "irregular cavalryman" is attested from 1884.

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My understanding was the Ottawa Rough Riders were named after the loggers that rode the logs down the Ottawa River back in the 1800's


This is from Ottawa Rough Riders Wikipedia

The Ottawa Football Club was organized on Wednesday, September 20, 1876, where they won the first game they played on September 23 against the Aylmer Club at Jacques-Cartier Square. The team's colours were cerise, grey, and navy blue. The club adopted the name Ottawa Rough Riders on Friday, September 9, 1898, and changed its team colours to red and black. Since then, red and black have been Ottawa's traditional sporting colours. Although in later years the name was said to derive from logging, the team based its colours on Teddy Roosevelt's regiment in the Spanish–American War, which, with the date of the renaming, suggests that the name also comes from the war. The team changed its nickname to Ottawa Senators from 1925 to 1930.[3]


If they change their name to the Slippery Chickens this conversation would be over

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If Barbara Walters had been part of the expansion group that brough the CFL football back to Ottawa...

...we might've had a team called the 'Ottawa Wuff Widers'. :smiley:

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I refuse to support the RedBlacks because their uniforms look NOTHING like the Rough Riders of old.

I'll switch alliances if Ottawa starts wearing this again:

The RedBlacks have the ugliest uniforms in the league.

Okay, here's your solution. Just make a few million bucks over the next decade, BUY the team and then change their name from 'Red Blacks' to 'R's. They'll sound like pirates.

"Introducing the OTTAWA ARRRRRR's!!!!"

The team mascot will be a parrot and every game a lucky fan from the praires will 'Win a peg'. :smiley: :+1:

If Alouette's change their name to "Pork Sausages" your headline after that game would be the Chickens got Porked by the sausages by a score of 51 to 29

Congratulations to the Sausages in a good win


This is from thecanadianencyclopedia.ca:

Ottawa has had football teams since the 1870s, including the Canadian Rugby Union champions in 1898, 1900 and 1902. The name Rough Riders was acquired in 1898. A Hamilton newspaper took exception to their rugged, ungentlemanly play in a game against the locals and tagged them with the descriptor "rough riders," a reference to Teddy Roosevelt's regiment's charge up San Juan Hill in Puerto Rico during the Spanish-American War.


"Sausages grind out a win." :smiley:


Ottawa was 2-16 in their inaugral season, so I don't think the name would have changed teams :wink:

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the whole point of this would be to stir the pot. create a rivalry between two teams. Yes some fans would be pissed but thats how the cookie crumbles. Perhaps the loser had a list of name options voted by the fans. Maybe the ottawa politicians, or the ottawa capitals. Im assuming ottawa would have lost the series here! Not to familar with ottawa so i dont have fantastic names for it but damn i could have picked a better name than red blacks. Fyi while edmonton was deciding on their name they were the edmonton football team. The creativity in the cfl is just outstanding infact i think edmonton should revert to just the edmonton football team. its the most ridiculous name ever.

Im an idea man no doubt the players wouldnt care that much but damn the fans would. Any time sas came to play ottawa the fans would have extra hate for sas. Ofcourse im assuming ottawa would loose to sas. My point is more creative thinking is needed for things like this

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ya does ottawa have any animals there that they are famous for? like birds or spiders? All i know is there are alot of a^sh@le politicians there. I dont think there are many lumberjacks in ottawa.