missed oppertunity

imagine the possabilites of this combo if it ever clicked or happened. Doug and Darren Flutie. it just thinking about it gives me chills!

It happened in BC in 1991. Could have lasted longer, but Doug was always all about money, so he went for the bigger bucks in Calgary.

so he went for the bigger bucks in Calgary
like anyone else would have. It wasnt just a few pennies more.
Doug was always all about money
He could have made just as much riding the bench in the NFL, if not more. He was first about wanting to play. Dont say things you dont know what you talking about.

Actually, I would loved to have seen DF and Mervyn Fernandez and Brian Kelly.

As it turned out he probably would have made more money in BC, since Larry Rykman didn't pay him for his final year in Calgary.

Rykman, of course, was a bona fide criminal, who ended up in prison; though not for his mistreatment of Doug Flutie.