Missed no yards call the first play of 2nd half

Can someone please explain why there was no call for no yards at the beginning of the 3rd quarter when Medeiros received the kick the Argos where only 1 yard from him, giving no room to run at all. No one seemed to complain, so is this a rule that I'm ignorant on, where you don't have to give 5 yards on certain kicks?

No yards applies only on punts and place-kicks, not kickoffs. On kickoffs all players on the kicking team are onside and eligible to recover the kick.

Thank you, I didn't know that, no I do. :slight_smile:

Now if that blocked punt crossed the line of scrimmage - it should have been no yards.

The Argo player touched the ball. It should have been no yards on the blocked punt. I'm pretty sure it crossed the line of scrimmage. Maybe the heat was getting to the zebras. Speaking of heat, 2 young ladies in our area needed medical attention . I've never seen it that bad and we've been going to games for over 50 years(season tickets for 50).

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Watching the replay I don't believe it crossed the line. it was close.

On other questionable calls and non-calls:

Watched it again when I got home.
The controversial call on the pass to Banks was made by an official behind Banks who couldn't have seen if the ball hit the field or Banks' hands. Had it been called 'complete' and challenged by Argos, it was too close to change the ruling on the field anyway. Too bad the official couldn't have consulted with other officials before making the call.

Also, on the pass interference by an Argo defender on Toliver(?) that had to be pointed out by Austin's challenge (pushed from behind so Toliver couldn't reach for it) the only ones in the stadium to whom it wasn't obvious seemed to be the officiating team.

But then we don't see it when it's the other team that gets screwed.

I thought the question was about the attempted onside KO at start of second half. Maybe not?

yes, you're right but feedback on that subject would be pretty limited and didn't want to start another thread on another subject of limited interest