Missed my chance to say goodbye. Is there practice tomorrow?

I'm a season ticket holder. On Friday night I was drinking a bit... now I don't drink much at all anymore, so my tolerance isnt what it used to be. But for some reason it put me into such a bad hangover the next day that I couldn't go to the game. I would've gone to that game or any game for that matter in spite of anything that might try to prevent me, but this was that bad. What hurts is that I did not have much to drink at all -- It was not particularly anything I could've controlled better... just a bad reaction I guess... but now I've missed my chance to say goodbye to the stadium and the last game in my first year with season tickets, which was the most painful part of my experience on Saturday. I did listen to most of the game on the radio, but I have since refrained from reading any articles about Ivor Wynne, I have not watched the sportcenter top 10 Ivor Wynne moments online, and I don't want to listen to Rick Zamperin most likely talk about the stadium right now. Now here's the thing...

I'm moving tomorrow. I'm moving late in the afternoon but I can take the day off if I want to. If there is a practice tomorrow, I would really love to go to see the stadium and the cats practice once again, despite my harsh criticism of them lately. I will go no matter how hard its supposed to rain. Some quiet time in the stadium under poor weather conditions will be enough to make up for my unfortunate weekend. The website says the last practice is October 16, which I find hard to believe seeing as there are three games after that date. Would anyone have any further knowledge? I would greatly appreciate it.

To the best of my knowledge, any practices the week of Oct 29 will be indoors. My latest info is that they will be at the indoor soccer facility on Frid St. but I believe they are closed to the general public.

Check out the PRACTICE thread here:


im sure the gates some where in the stadium go find one and get in go sit and lick ur wounds from friday. i can say ya ive went to many games hungover but i never missed because of it :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Thanks guys. CaptainKirk, I did not see the thread simply titled "practices" until just now so I apologize. And ticatbill, believe me man I was going to try to make it even for the later half at the very latest but I couldn't. Unfortunate that they will be practicing indoors this week but it makes sense.

Is there not a stadium sale sometime next month? I'm sure you will be able to walk around then.

No need to apologize. Obviously you missed that thread, so I directed you to it so that you could get your answers.