Missed Marketing Opportunity

Why didn't the CFL use players talking in the RISE WITH US campaign.
Would've had a tremendous impact if BLM AH or VA and others inviting fans back.

No too original, Sky Sports already have their "rise with us" using Brit sports stars
Ambrosie needs to come up with something original

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Excellent ….. you’re so right

…what are AH and VA?

…with respect to the suggestion of aligning with BLM, I don’t think their identity as a Marxist-oriented org is going to fit well with a purely capitalist endeavour…just my opinion..

I think he meant Bo-Levi Mitchel and Vernon Adams and maybe Andrew Harris.


I have thought for a relaunch and new slogan, its been rather quiet.

Not surprised that this slogan may be borrowed from someone else. Wouldn't be the first time.

They were all stolen from Parachute Club's original version Rise UP . :grinning:

They could have just used our own Canadian guys with Rise UP and played it with a CFL backdrop .


…thanks narles