Missed Helmet Hit on Dane Evans??

What is with the CFL ref’s to miss such a blatant helmet to head shot by Sean Lemon of the BC Lions on our QB Dane Evans in the game last night?

Good thing Dane wasn’t injured but come on what a blatant hit and with the Ref standing right there, clear sight of view, Evans threw the ball, got rid of the ball and takes a late hit and worse off to the head.

Matt Dunigan said it was a head shot and said he thought the CFL was supposed to come down on players who made plays like the one last night?

The CFL ref’s I think need to go back to school or add an additional ref just to watch the QB and the non-incidental late hits or head shots because many QB’s have been lost this way due to concussions and with serious problems later in life.

Its hard to believe the CFL talks about how serious the problem is but the ref’s continue not to enforce the new rules on head shots and even worse when the ref is standing right there to make the call?

Hope they get this problem cleared up soon!


There was a missed one in Reilly too - a late hit.

Agree, the refs need to do better especially this day in age and all the attention around player safety.

And a missed facemask on Reilly. Lots of missed calls yesterday.

The CFL needs to invest a lot more money into officiating training. The crew in BC last night was bush league at best.

The bigger miss is the command centre not stepping in.

In the Toronto game there was a marginal hit on MBT that the command centre came in with no challenge and added a 15 yd penalty on a 3rd down failed play.

Last night was a terribly officiated game both ways, though the Cats benefitted from more than they were robbed that was the worst miss considering the eye in the sky has the ability to review that one.