Miss the days ?

I miss the days when the likes of Crash, Vinny, Chatty Cat, Mikey and others posted here regularly.
It used to be enjoyable to correspond with everyone and on occasion meet at a "Meet and Great". Seems that the fun has been pulled out of this site as we all go our own ways. Guess that I can only reminisce of a time when we excitedly looked forward to another season.

I hear you Steve. Where have all the 'originals' gone? The 'chat' has lessened although some good back-ups HAVE been found. :slight_smile:

I was reading in Bob's update about a kick-off event coming up and this sounds good, especially for people who aren't inclined to go to meet and greet's at a restaurant or pub. The wife and me went one year, a couple of years ago, to Gage Park when they introduced the team on the stage and this was good, especially since it was outdoors.

Hi Steve;

First off, I hope all is well with you and your family down in Pennsylvania.

Thanks for reminding us of all the great fun we had the first couple of years. Boy, did we chew up bandwidth or what? ......Cussing, arguing,laughing, joking and just generally having a great old time .......those are fond memories looking back now.......but most important, we had some great personal moments too. Those "meet and greets" were soooooo much fun when we could all meet each other in person and create some great memories. And it was great to see fans like Wilf, Hugh and Donna from way up north attend as well as you from Pennsylvania. Now that's incredible that you guys would travel that far to share some good food, beer and laughs with us who are maybe only 5 minutes away from the venue.

Having said that, perhaps the team is on the verge of creating some spark to get it going again. I truly hope so. Sorry I couldn't do that "meet and greet" I was thinking of running late last month or this month but I've got some pretty large work projects on the go right now with some urgent deadlines.

See ya at some Saskatchewan home game at Ivor Wynne I hope! :wink:

All the best to you and your family Steve.

Take care,

mikey 8)

the good old days ... Steve268..

When I was 14TC64
I Miss them too


Talk about time-travel eh?

I’m new to the board, it wasn’t until my brother told me about, I never knew. I really need to get up to speed on the team. If anyone can tell me about strengths, weaknesses and the prognosis of the Ti Cats I would great appreciate it. Are we even going to contend for a playoff spot?

Read the posts regarding DBs, Qbs, etc.. I think you'll get a sense of how interesting training camp will be.

BTW, welcome to the site :thup:

Let's hear it for misty-eyed nostalgia of us veterans of the beige.ticats.ca era! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I've been in relative CFL writing hibernation, in keeping with the seemingly interminable length of the offseason. I will be eagerly watching the cfl.ca draft simulcast tomorrow (Wednesday), which is a kind of "game-on" date for me every CFL campaign. I will be back to posting regularly here, on cfl.ca's forum, and my blog now that training camp is just weeks away!

Nice to hear from you again, Steve. :slight_smile: Best wishes to you.

Oski Wee Wee,

you know what i miss? the sunday morning games of touch football we used to have.

ah yes back when i was Halfman_HalfTiger53, good stuff lol