Miss Grey Cup

I do a lot of historical reasrch on the CFL, and one thing that has always bugged me is what happend to Miss Grey Cup. I would love to see it come back but more for historical reasons.

What do you guys think of Miss Grey Cup coming back?

I'm all for it.

In Toronto 2007 UMM (Urban Male Magazine) had girls (models) that represented each team and they did a contest thing with them. It was pretty good. And by pretty good I mean they were fricking hot.

I nominate Jody Vance.
Assuming she still looks as hot as she did when she was on Sportsnet News. Haven’t seen or heard about her in years. Really miss the Bunny Slippers before a long weekend.

I'm for it. Though I'm sure those with too much damn time on their hands will cry over it like normal. :roll:

How about a Mr. Grey Cup for all the female fans of this league? If its good for us guys to have a Miss Grey Cup, it should be OK for the girls to do the same type of thing...

I'm ok with that. Mr. and Miss Grey cup. It'll be just like Prom King and Queen, but without all the teenage angst and stuff.

Jeez, I'm 41 this year...if I want to compete, I'd better start working on my ab. :wink:

That's just sick :cowboy: :smiley:

:lol: :lol: :lol: thanks eskfan, best laugh I've had today... :lol: :lol:

As long as the pre-faced Mr. Grey Cup with the Simpsons clip of the batchelor auction...

"This is so humilating" - Moe Syslak

I'd enter to be Mr Grey Cup, too bad I wouldn't get to get too cozy to Miss Grey Cup or my gal shall cut a rather vital part of my anatomy off!