Misconducts & Suspensions (!)

Historically, an ejection has been a rare thing in the CFL. The new rules in place were designed to alleviate after play naughtiness, a good thing, but I'm totally surprised by the amount of misconducts & ejections to date. Are officials being overzealous with their new power here, are the players being too slow to adapt or are we in an adjustment period? I'm hoping things settle down or we'll perhaps see a game's outcome affected.
What think'st thou?

Too slow to adapt

too many players are too stupid and immature

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I get trying to get rid of some of the excessive trash talking and whatnot...but this was ridiculous and I guarantee the league will issue some statement about how it went overboard on the number of misconduct penalties

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except they did not go overboard


It should be like soccer and you get kicked out of the next game too.
Part of the reason the CFL product has suffered so badly in tbe last 10 years has been because of stupid penalties.
Any team that breaks 100 yards in pemalties should automatically lose tbe game if it goes to OT.

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It all depends on the new rules and heads of the injury committee review board and their erection.

I have no problem with it. I want to see football, not peacocks. I wish the NHL would adopt something similar.

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I love it. The guys who start that crap all the time are the ones getting tossed. I tune in to watch football, not guys pushing shoving and starting scraps after every play.

It will continue until players get the message, which I have no doubt will be repeated by coaches and GM's this week. After the play - get back to your side of scrimmage and huddle up......and play football.

If hockey did this, it would weed out the cheap shot artists and we could watch hockey instead of a bunch of guys wrestling and swearing at each other for 20 minuets a game.

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Homer alert everybody! Homer alert!

There was literally a misconduct where you could see the ref throw a flag at (I can't remember who at this point) who was just bouncing a bit and chirping...you can't have a good product on the field while at the same time trying to keep players 100% "in their place". Football is an aggressive game let the players play and stop trying to police every single action on the field that isn't hurting anyone.

Help me out Paolo. Who is this 'Miss Conduct' person they're referring to? And why is she suspended? In the old country we'd suspend potatoes and uncooked ham... not women, unless they were properly seasoned.

Why are things so different here above ground?

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A player shall be penalized for any act of objectionable conduct, including but not
limited to:
(a) verbal abuse or objectionable gesture directed at an opponent, official or
(b) throwing the ball at an opponent, official or occupant of a team bench area,
(c) kicking or throwing an official’s flag,
(d) baiting or taunting an opponent by act or word,
(e) embellishing contact by an opponent in an attempt to draw a penalty,

Objectionable conduct after the play is a disqualification penalty. So learn to be professional, shut up and play football .

Or if you are Saskatchewan - carry on - and get tossed. They got away with losing Moncrief against the Elks but against Calgary or Winnipeg? Could be the difference in the game......(and probably will)

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(c) kicking or throwing an official’s flag,

Winnipeg Blue Bombers "Tom Canada" rule.


This isn't a DQ penalty but the word got out about it too since we haven't seen it penalized yet.

(f) a quarterback or punter or kicker faking giving themself up by faking a


A 'fake' fake is a penalty?! Sounds like a magic trick to me. I think it should at least get you invited to a few birthday parties.

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So do you think this rule is being applied fairly and appropriately. I can lose count in ANY game these past few weeks on players (especially receivers and on every team) looking to draw that penalty for PI. Is that not embellishing contact? This is an overcorrection as the wording is way too much up to the ref's discretion and there are a number of refs in this league who I wouldn't trust to judge a dog show in the pound.

As long as it doesn't get as bad as European Soccer. Those lame idiots who drop to the ground to fake an injury make me want to change the channel every time.

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For the most part. I had no problem with Beard getting called because the call made it obvious what you need to do after the play is go back to your side of scrimmage, and if the opposition tries to pick a fight let the officials deal with it.

Embellished contact is when you go down like a soccer player and pop up and are just fine once the flag is thrown....

As for PI, I haven't seen much embellishment there either. I'm sure coaches told their players that command centre can and will review that stuff, and the penalty isn't worth it.

Now it's a problem that will solve itself. Nobody want's guys that hurt their team with penalty's and getting thrown out of games.

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Yes, a fake has to be a legitimate juke otherwise in the run of play or a fake pass or fake hand-off and so forth. It has to be a REAL fake.

We were inspired by Pepi Longstocking, who also did not like fake types around him as we well know but then again he was also very easily fooled by the real fakes and well, that was a bit much at times.

No fake fakes are allowed any more on the field in the CFL.

As for at TSN, well that's another thread about their fakes, but these are the new and improved modern rules. :smiley_cat:

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