Miscellaneous thoughts about game day presentation

Thought the blackout thing was an interesting promotion but kind of funny to see. Unlike the sea of white/yellow/red thing that other teams do, black, by it's very nature, doesn't stand out - but it makes any colour you put next to it stand out. So when a look at a crowd wearing a lot of black, what you really notice is how many people are not wearing black. And faces and arms. And empty yellow seats. And the yellow paint in the aisles. But it was the slimmest-looking crowd at IWS in decades, so who's complaining.

Loved the partially demolished school beside the stadium - looked cool from high up, like our very own version of the Colosseum. Kind of an over-the-top tongue-in-cheek FU to those people that only think of Hamilton as a city in decay.

Somebody keep that Stripes dude on a leash. Yeah, everyone was excited, but he was mingling and clowning around with the players on the sidelines for most of the fourth quarter. Maybe I'm old school but mascots are there to entertain the fans not the players.

An empty mickey in the urinal before half-time - very '70s Ticats. Forbidden chant cultural curators take note.

Speaking of booze-soaked vintage Ticat culture, there was a guy in an original Howard Fields(!) jersey that was sitting in my seat before the game. Absolutely blotto but harmless - at about 7:15PM he asked the person that sits next to me what the score was. He moved down a few rows and was escorted from the stadium by Hamilton's finest before Lumsdem scored his first TD. Left me three of those foam hammers, though.

They kept apologizing for the fact that they only had Canadian left at the beer stand. Don't apologize, ladies - it's the only beer with any taste that you sell.

I'm not one to complain about the sound system, but the sound system was atrocious during parts of the game. Like one of those cars with window-rattling bass-only sound systems but worse. Maybe it's the way a sea of black cotton absorbs the higher frequencies or something.

Best of all, I had a little ticketing problem that I needed to sort out, but arrived late and figured I was going to miss a good part of the game. Big kudos to the people at the box office - they really went above and beyond what I expected. A small thing, but it meant a lot to me - apart from four years of mostly boneheaded decisions on the football management side (:wink:), I really like the way this organization treats its fans. Maybe I'll down to Ticat World HQ this afternoon and see if I can get my hands on a vintage Fields jersey.

Or Gore Park, circa 1983-1985...LMAO

[url=http://www.myhamilton.ca/myhamilton/LibraryServices/Localhistory/Gore+Park+13.htm]http://www.myhamilton.ca/myhamilton/Lib ... ark+13.htm[/url]

Roger DuToit: the Billy Dicken of Hamilton architecture...this Baby Duck is for you!


:D :D :D

Oski Wee Rubbletry,

Nice post!

I couldn't get to the game but it looked great on TV! Maybe just because we played awesome, but...

Gone are the days of piles of wooden skids, John Deere ATVs and all other sorts of bric-a-brac littering the sidelines! It really makes Ivor Wynne look that much more professional on TV!

Now, if other stadia could get their "git in shear" (I'm looking at you CanadInns; with your trashy mini moving vans and your sponsors' pickup trucks!) and clean up their sidelines...

The highlight for me was the high-speed pass by the Firefly (finally! after 3 years! Thanks CWHM)

The songs played on the stadium sound system had the word "black" in them, which I liked.

But now, I can only recall a few of them:

Fade To Black
Black Math
Black Betty
Paint It Black
Back In Black

And there were many others, perhaps someone with a better memory can add to the list.

Wow - I was so busy cheering the action on the field that I didn't notice that...

"Black and White" (Three Dog Night)

That would be one of the ones I didn't recognize.

There were a couple of songs that were really mellow sounding 70s songs and I doubt if they ever get played in other stadiums.

It sounded funny because the music was the total opposite to the noise the fans were making.