Miscellaneous Questions

Why do so many drivers think they need to look at the person they are talking to while driving?

Does anyone know anyone who believes that Elton John first wrote Candle in the Wind for Diana? I have come across this belief in print a few times

Force of habit. People are conditioned to look at their correspondent when they are talking to them.

Elton actually wrote the song as a tribute to Marilyn Monroe. It was re-released as a tribute when Princess Diana was murdered by the M16 and the Royal Family

proof of this murder plot?

manslaughter by paparazzi

Ask Dodi's father. He funded a documentary on the that premise that was banned in England

probably because of complete lack of any credible evidence.

in any case, I would rather blame the razzi. grrrrr

You expect the French Gov't to conduct an independent autopsy on the deceased member of the British Royal Family? I think not. They also conducted the investigation of the missing MH 370

Andre Paul wasn't drunk. Hotel video shows him tying his own shoes and doesn't fall or stumble.

The bodyguard, Rhees conveniently forgets details of the crime after coming out of a coma.

The last picture of the people inside the car came from the French tunnel video which shows them in a calm demeanor.

Just two years ago, a British Special Forces agent came out to reveal details of the crime. British authorities wanted to get his story on the matter. A press announcement was scheduled. Nothing became out out it.

People(David Icke) say they are lizards, I don't buy that, But the Royal Family has conspired to keep the throne over the years. I won't put anything pass them.

food for thought.

dont believe it adds up to anything conclusive but

food for thought

Yep, a regular Golden Corral of things that make you go hmm

if the world is flat, what happens when you get to the edge?

Does anybody live on the other side?

People used to talk about digging to China. Does that mean China is on the other side?

How much distance between the two side?