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Interesting topics covered by Naylor today including Zach's comeback from being down and out and the latest on US spring football leagues.

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I am finding Dave Naylor just stating the obvious with no real inside information on anything....maybe he is not getting the scoop the way he used to.

The USFL announcing 8 teams is interesting...not sure as of yet how it will effect CFL players.

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Yeah you’re right about Naylor.

Not a fan at all of USFL, XFL etc. but one of these days the bullet in the chamber might fire and really cause some damage to the CFL.

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Bring in Trump as an investor.

It will be small potatoes for him wouldn't it🤣

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Did the CFL suffer much during the very first go around of the USFL - - 82 to 86?

Not that I am aware of. I was just thinking that maybe one of these times there might be success, but I guess you would have to go back to the AFL for that. I have no interest in any of these other leagues, just CFL and NFL. I don’t know anyone else who has interest in Canada in these leagues but maybe there are some. I see the biggest practical risk to the CFL as being one of these leagues having enough success to attract the NFL and have them support them as some kind of a feeder league. That is one reason why I advocate for some kind of a relationship between the CFL and NFL. They don’t really compete except sometimes for players and that could be covered off by agreement.

It was a different time.The USFL forced salaries up in the 82-85 time frame.It forced the GOB club to actually work for talent procurement.
The CFL was whole different type of Crazy then. Disruption is Good.

Any time these leagues "pop up" - they have to be considered a threat to players etc. Thant said - I was a young guy during that time and just can't remember how it effected each CFL team? I think we lost some coaches - but I don't remember the CFL game suffering at all but as has been stated - different times.

These leagues steal guys that no one has heard of. It doesn't mean that they are bad players, but the average fan can't tell the difference between a good player and an adequate player anyways. So new leagues 'stealing players' or 'thinning the talent pool' is never a problem.

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