Miracle on ice

since i live in oklahoma, im not a big hockey fan, but the Miracle on ice is really something special. Arguably the biggest upset in sportshistory, it really stands out when i think of hockey. I know that this year in the WBC was a big upset when canada beat the US, but i still dont think it is as big of an upset. But to the question, has anything like that ever happened to The canadian hockey team, in victory or defeat?

sorry to break your bubble sooner............but every hockey fan with a half a brain knows the fix was in on that one...........in fact I believe the final figure was around $1.72M to grease the reds to throw it.......but who had the last laugh..........the wall came down anyways...........I will give the amerks credit for that...........and be thankful that we are friends as well as neighbours.........

Yanks are so proud of the Miracle on Ice even though it was totally rigged. The '72 Summit series is really something to be proud of.

how was it rigged? lol.. man you guys are something else.

Of course it wasn't rigged.....hello....it's a joke, get it? Your'e the one who is something else. If the only reason you come on here is to make fun of our league or Canadians, please don't waste our time any longer. I think you are displaying what has unfortunately become a common attitude for Americans. It's okay for us to poke fun at or criticize or demean other countries or the traditions they have, but don't you dare breath a word about anything we hold sacred.

It's a ridiculous friggin double standard that rubs a lot of Canadians the wrong way.


Given the fact that the Olympics are very much tainted by steroids, bribes and tamepring by judges, it woud not surprise me a bit to learn that the fix was in. Given that the Salt Lake greased a lot of palms(Dick Pound's included), woudnt surprise me a bit that the Russians threw that game. If you are looking at upsets for us, I would say the most recent was very upsetting , not in the fact the Canadians lost , but how poorly they played given the talent that was on that team. I personally would have taken Spezza , Crosby, Cheechoo(to team with Thornton), Kariya, Phaneuf and Staal. Its debateable wether or not they would have won with they younger lineup , but at least they woudnt have looked like pylons in defeat. McCabe was definitely misused, he is a PP specialist, but was out of his league by playing a regular shift.

The Canadian hockey team is almost always favoured in every game it plays so it can only hapen in defeat. This year we lost to the Swiss (granted half their team was Canadians) but that was a pretty big upset.

As far as the miracle on ice is concerned, it was a great tournament played with kids with big hearts who beat the Russians.

It's not the greatest series ever though, not even close, that goes to the 1972 summit series between the best players from Russia and the best players from Canada. A very intense series that Canada won the last 3 games in Russia (last game on a goal with 34 seconds left) to beat the the Russians 4-3-1 in the 8 game series.

I think you have to give Sooner or later the benefit of doubt here! The fact is they won. It is no big deal after how many tries they win great! The Summit series would be the one that was big for Canadians I believe.

No kidding red05…we should give them some credit, greasing the old guard of mother Russia was tough.
Now the Summit series, it was pure and wholesome…it also stood for all things right in sport…
The only dfference from both events, is that it was no miracle we beat the Red Army…

Well, the yanks beat the Soviets, sure, but it was only one game. Just like the Canadians beating the Yanks in baseball was only one game. ie, each of those things probably happens once out of a hundred tries. I would say that Canada beating the US at baseball is comparable to the US beating the Soviets in hockey - the US was not a hockey power back then, and Canada is not a baseball power now. It's just that Americans make a MUCH bigger deal out of their "miracle on ice" than Canadians do about our "miracle on the diamond". We hear as much, if not more, about the friggin Miracle on Ice than about the '72 series, up here.
the "miracle on ice" was a one-time lucky happenstance ... and it probably helped that the Soviets pulled Tretiak after the first period, with the score tied 2-2.
In the '72 series, the Canadians had to win their final 3 games in Moscow - and they did. Heading into the 3rd period of the final game, they were down 5-3. A tie would have given the series to the Soviets. But Canada won the game with 34 seconds to go. THAT'S pretty impressive - winning three straight games against the Soviets, in Russia no less ("miracle on ice" was in the US). But I bet you could ask a 10-year old kid to compare the Summit Series and "miracle on ice", and he'd be able to tell you that the Yanks beat the Russians in 1980, and then ask "what's the summit series?" (thanks in no small part to that damned Disney movie, which I refuse to see).

Hold on WTH are you talkign about the game between USA and Russia was not fixed where the hell did you folks get this.

  1. Summit Series was definitely more of an impact on Hockey

  2. With every thread you start you are really making me even more sorry I'm an american!!

......difficult question for either American or Canadian to answer......each is going to say their series with the Russians would be superior to the others.....and each series has it's merits......perhaps instead the question should be posed to a Russian......Ivan, which event caused you greater pain?.......your pros losing to our pros in '72 or your pro-paid olympians losing to a bunch of highly motivated and excellently coached kids in '80?.........

Lets put it ths way.... 72 series is the best hockey series ever played....the miracle on ice is the greatest upset ... and the new year's eve 75 between the Red Army and the habs is the greatest hockey game ever played.....

I would have to agree with you Sambo. I think you made the right call on all three of these game/ series. I will make one minor change though and that is with the date of the Red Army/ Mtl Canadiens game, it wasn't played on Xmas eve but on New Years eve '75.

sorry bout that i meant to put new year's eve.....