Minor Roster Moves This Week

From CFL Transactions, this week:

The Cats have put Adam Nicolson on the 9-Game Injured List. He’ll be off in time for the final regular season game.
And, Shannon James and Matt Morencie have traded places – James (Reserve last game) goes to the Practice Roster and Morencie moves to the 46-man Active Roster from the PR.

The main question for this game is whether Jason Jiminez will be playing instead of Belton Johnson. It has been reported that if Jiminez is taken off the 9-game injured list early (the Labour Day game is the 9th game he would miss), it would affect the overall salary cap of the Ticats. Guys on the 9-game list do not count towards the salary cap, but once they are officially removed from that list, then the numbers start adding up! It has been suggested that Marcel wait until the Sept. 11th game against Montreal before placing Jiminez back on the active roster, to avoid the salary cap issue. Besides, I would suggest that Belton Johnson has been doing quite well while Jiminez has been recovering, thus he should be good enough for the Labour Day game.

Unless there’s an injury problem with Johnson, we haven’t heard about, it would make no sense to activate Jiminez for Labour Day.

According to Drew, Johnson took the first team reps at practice today. Perhaps Jimenez's knee is not 100%, or he's not totally comfortable with it? If so, for crying out loud LET IT HEAL!