Minnesota vs Philadelphia who wins this game??

Minnesota vs Philadelphia who wins this game??

Hoping Vikings advance

I am hoping the Vikings.

It would be cool for the home team to be in their own hosting Super Bowl for the first time.

Besides, the Vikings at home could beat the Patriots.

Eagles could not.

My Vikes and if they make the SB they better play better and much smarter than Jax did today or else Brady and Co. will make the Vikes look like students as well.

I'd like to see the Vikings be the first to be at home for the Super Bowl.

Vikings at home will not beat the Patriots.

Looks like the Vikings will not be playing in the SB at this point, Eagles dominant in the 1st half. Vikings are in big trouble. Couldn't even get a field goal at the end here, ouch! Maybe time already to watch reruns of Gilligan's Island or whatever come 2nd half. The Vikes look that bad.

Surprised at how poorly Vikings are playing. Heads not in the game

I am really enjoying the Eagles play so far. Cant help but cheer for them even though I believe the Vikings would have a better chance of beating the Pats.

Now I do not even care.

We now get to watch the Patriots, Belichek, and Brady earn more records while playing in the Vikings beautiful new stadium.

Eagles win yesterday seemed more about the Vikings looking overwhelmed than it did about Eagles flying high. They simply took advantage of each mistake the Vikings made.

I don't know. I thought the Eagles looked absolutely fantastic - totally swamping the Vikings on both sides of the ball in very impressive fashion.

Remember the Eagles were one of the leading Super Bowl favourites until Wentz went down. And they weren't just favourites up until then solely because of Wentz. They were very good at all facets of the game.

And now it looks like Foles - a Pro Bowler in the 2013 season - is regaining his form as his confidence grows with each game. Remember they are a 13 - 3 team (and one of those 3 losses was a 6-0 mail in loss to Dallas on the last game of the season when they already had home field locked up).

Were I a betting man - with the Pats as 6 or 7 point favourites in the opening lines - I'd be putting money on the Eagles - and by the sounds of it lots of early bets did just that and the line dropped all the way to 5 points before it went back up to 5.5 points.

I won't be suprised if the Pats win - but I don't think it would be much of an upset if the Eagles pull it off.

Not only did the Eagles lose their starting QB in mid December, they lost several other key players throughout the season and managed to get to the show.
Like you, will not be surprised if they pull it off.

I'm really cheering for the Eagles to pull an upset, that was an excellent performance yesterday and I'm just not a Pats fan albeit they are one heck of a team, Brady just brings out the best in that team.


Viking played last nite as if it was a pre-season tilt - very little emotion, no really big plays or 3rd down conversions . . . . . they jumped to an early lead - then basically sucked the life out of their 63,000+ fans - - - even Paul "Liberace" Allen, their extravagant play by play guy seemed to have lost all hope for miracles at the 31 pt. differential.

Truth be told - the Eagles let off the gas pedal - could probably have reached 50 pts against the Miracles! Foles looked like a seasoned pro - Case Keenum looked like Ryan Dinwiddie, Jr.