Minnesota Vikings pre-season game in Winnipeg?

With the announcement recently that the Buffalo Bills will be playing regular season and pre-season games in Toronto in the next couple of years, this idea might not be that far-fetched.

It's a real longshot (of course), but I wouldn't say it would be impossible to have the Minnesota Vikings play a pre-season game in Winnipeg once every couple of years at Asper's new stadium.

The NFL preseason usually runs from August 3rd - August 30th.

I know the Detroit Lions and Seahawks have special "Canadian Day" promotions once a year for their games, because of their proximity to the Canadian border and the number of Canadians who drive down there for games.

Would the Vikings/NFL be opposed to it? Personally I don't think so. I think they'd see it as a way of expanding the NFL's/Vikings fanbase.

And please, lets not make this into a "NFL will kill the CFL in Canada" type of thread. Even if the Bills moved to Toronto I highly highly doubt it would negatively impact the CFL. A few less people will go to Argos games. Big deal.

I also don't think the Bombers organization would be opposed to it. In fact, they could capitalize on it... they could have a promotion like season ticket holders would get first dibs on tickets, and if you buy Bomber season tix before the season starts you can buy tickets before the general public. Something like that- which would only help ticket sales.

So; what do the rest of you think? Impossible? Not interested?

Winnipeg needs an NHL team! www.JetsOwner.com

Great idea, they can have the stadium in December & January. Have fun at the game, but I suspect you would die from exposure before the end of the first quarter. :wink:

That wasn't funny Pigseye...

iunno jets. i am still against the whole bills thing in Toronto. I know I wouldn;t mind seeing a Vikings game live, but i don;t think i would go to a preseason.

....AND just how are the Winnipeg Blue Bombers supposed to benefit with this little dalliance with the nfl...explain...cuz i sure don't see it...If football fans want to go and see a game from the excited states...let them go down there and watch it...We don't have to entertain their clubs or cater to the nfl fan base....we live in CANADA and have a superior game...keep it Canadian... also this is WPG. NOT T.O...sorry Jets...show me some real benefit to OUR league and maybe you'll start making sense.. :roll:

Papazoola, you don't seem to be a very nice man.

Winnipeg needs an NHL team! www.JetsOwner.com

That has nothing to do with the thread.

If you can't handle someone calling you to task for your comments, Jets, perhaps you should have taken measures to prevent having the track record you do on this forum.

well jets post like ths aren;t very smart, most of us hate the bills in TO idea. but ig uess for you anything is better then the blue.

....contrare, my friend....i am a very nice man....my grand kids tell me all the time...sorry if i'm not seen to be 'pro-nfl'...i would like to be if i saw that games such as the one you're suggesting, and the one that's going to happen in T.O. , would bring a huge amount of cash and benefits to the CFL....BUT SO FAR I'M NOT SEEING IT....what i am seeing is a 'over-hyped' league trying to get its foot in the door in one of our largest markets and up-set OUR league, just as we were starting to put things back together...sorry for not buying into the latest nfl crap.... :wink:

Yeah, but you guys are used to the cold! :lol: :lol:

Now Jets, I have to stick up for my pal Papa! Every now and then he gets crazy ideas (Like Taman is doing a good job as GM :roll: or Glenn is a starting QB :lol: :lol: ) but overall, I've always found him to be a nice, swell guy! He's just stated a contradicting opinion, different than yours. He's allowed to do that on this forum!

...THANKS SPORT...i just stated my feelings...Jets is totally entitled to his (hers)...i want to be seen as politically correct.. :wink:

it's all good papa i am on ur side to. your one of the best posters on these here forums.

...thanks footballmad for the compliment...i find it hard to understand Jets angle on things...and like jm02 says...his/hers track record speaks volumes...i still hope he/she goes to more than one Bomber game 'this year'and supports the new facility...????? :wink:

Lost in all of the posts here is the assumption that Winnipeg is getting a new stadium "at Aspers new stadium." True it's going to happen Jets as you imply?

Perhaps Papa, you could take Jets "under your wing" and teach him some of the "finer" things..... :lol: :lol:

Speaking of Jets, I heard Don Cherry last night on the radio and he thinks NHL could return to Winnipeg, (as well as Hamilton). Is Cherry dreaming out loud, or is their a move to bring hockey back?

BTW, I always cheer AGAINST those Phoenix Coyotes! :wink:

I am going to go to more than 1 Bomber game this year and I support Asper's ownership and new stadium 110%.

Winnipeg deserves an NHL team! www.JetsOwner.com

isn't that mathimatically impossible?

But hey man when u do go to ur 1+ game this year feel free to visit me and my buddies in the east side upper decks and get a glimer at what real season ticket holding die hards are like.

I would like to answer your question there Jets.
I think it would be a good idea to have a pre season game here in Winnipeg with the vikings.
It would bennifit both the new stadium and the bombers as proffits from the game can go toward the team and stadium.
I would feel that a large number of people from out of town would also come in for this game including fans from close by North Dakota. Grandforks expecially.
All current bombers season ticket holders would get a discount and first dips for their ticket.
I would also support it.
I am a die hard CFL fan and a casual NFL fan, but this I would definatly support.
There you go, at least someone on here can give you a serious answer.

Now I am still waiting for you to answer my question from over a year ago jets. How can you expand the current MTS centre?

'profits'????...oh...and the vikings would play up here for nothing....Asper can think of better ways to generate cash for the new venue...and it ain't by inviting the nfl in here...T.O. is already opening the gates....we don't need to give the nfl more exposure...i would agree...and go to such a proposed game if ALL of the profits went to the Bombers and the new digs.....but that ain't about to happen, is it BeerBarons....i get plenty of their league on the tube...no thanx... :wink: