Minnesota lost Super Bowl berth because of 13thman!!

Major blunders happen in the NFL too!!!
Had not the Vikings been called for too many men on the field just prior to kicking the winning field goal, Favre would not have been forced to try and throw which resulted in the interception. The Vikings were in field goal range with a veteran kicker. The 13th man came to haunt the Vikings too. Maybe it (13th man) is contagious like the H1N1 virus as Saskatchewan is not far from Minnesota!! :cowboy: :roll: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

Poor Vikings went and pulled a Roughriders. :frowning:

actually, they were trying to show the riders how to put 12 men on the field.

I just laughed when it happened. I couldn't help but think of all of those jacka$$es that thought that the Rider blunder "could only happen in the CFL." One could even argue the Vikings "too many men" penalty was more egregious. While the whole game wasn't on the line at the time, at least the Riders had the excuse of it happening on special teams.....not a regular offensive series!

And those same idiots will probably blame the Riders and/or CFL for putting a curse on the Vikings or something, I mean no way that could happen in an important game in the NFL afterall. It was sort of funny though even being a Vikes fan, I guess because it happened so soon after the Riders blunder. :slight_smile:

Just after they called a time out too.

Yeah, either the 13th man or the Massive amount of turnovers by them throughout the game.

I would also place some blame on the presence of George H. W. Bush at the game and his connections to the Saints franchise.

Don't forget, the last time a Bush was at a football game it was two weeks earlier and it was Bush jr. at the Cowboys game.

Note: If a former leader of the free world is at the game rooting for a team, that team will win.

that's funny how I didn't even think of that when I saw the penalty happen.. until now.

too funny.

The CFL/Canadian insecurity is really coming out in this thread. Anyone who regularly follows sports knows that dumb ass mistakes happen all the time in every league at every level. That's part of what makes competition exciting.

...only an appetizer here....you should pop on over to the USA vs. The World thread for the main course.....

The CFL/Canadian insecurity is really coming out in this thread

And in a million other situations out there not related to this thread or Canadian football at all, or sports at all. :wink:

Sorry, but I'm not seeing "Canadian insecurity" in this thread. Others are making the same point as you; that major mistakes can happen in any league.

Also probably more of a case of Rider nation doing a proverbial collective sigh that another team did something similar in a big game. And it just happened to be in the NFL. :wink:

I'm sure everyone in Saskatchewan is hoping this blunder will take the focus off of them.

Naw - you guys are all wrong- we like the infamy!!!!

-Rider Pride Internationally Wide.

kinda like a boy band... all press is good press.

mistakes happen in all leagues. But I do admit if the Riders or Al's fumbled as much as the Vikings did, I am sure the media would have been all over the inferior CFL.

Well it's good to know that the NFL is equally bush as the CFL. Because after all those mistakes only happen in bush leagues!
Having said that, It was nice of the Vikings to teach the Riders what a proper 12 man huddle looks like.

hmm nice try with the topic but in the nfl... 11 guys are on the field so technically it was the 12th man and oh ya brett favres interception.

sorry rider nation, 13th man only works in the cfl.