Minnesota 12th man penalty

It’s all well and good that many of you want the CFL to take the moral high ground

but enforcing a drug testing policy properly costs an enormous amount of money,
and it would require random drug testing to be done year long all over North America.

IMO, the CFL doesn’t even have enough money to enforce a limited drug policy.

Lets look at end result facts here..

Roids hurt the person taking them more than the sport they play in. Although they help stamina and strength they certainly don't make you an unstoppable machine.

The guy who wants it more is going to win most situations on the field.. roids or not. Heart, courage and an unstoppable will are a players best tools on the field. The ones who tend to take roids generally lack in at least one of those 3 areas so taking the roids pretty much just puts them on par.

I'm on the side of it being too expensive for the CFL to bother with. Those funds would be much better spent on grass roots football programs to get the Canadian talent higher in the future.

It probably didn't happen here, but there's a few posters on TSN.ca who regularly comment on CFL stories just to knock the league and pretend that the NFL is "real football." They complain about anything that happens in Canadian football, even when the same things happen in the NFL too, like in this case. Beats me why TSN lets them keep posting.

To say a person who uses roids lacks work ethic etc is crazy. Roids are not a workout in a bottle. The fact is in order to get the full effect and results one must spend more time in the gym and more time training then the guy who doesn't use them. During a cycle one must be dedicated to a high calorie intake of healthy food with lots of protein (probably 5000-6000 plus cals a day) Most guys are so dedicated during the cycle they will set alarms for 3am to get up for a protein shake. As well to take full affect of the quick recovery most guys will spend multiple hours at the gym during multiple daily sessions. If this routine isnt followed then one can get fat or wont maiximize the gains desired as when you are on roids it is easier to store fat. The fact is an athlete using roids just doesnt juice up and expect results the typical juicer during his cycle is likely working harder then the guy who isnt on it otherwise it is a waste of money and your health.

Hadn't thought of the money aspect to all of this, good point and as zenstate indicates, the funds could be used for other purposes to develop the game.