Minnesota 12th man penalty

Remember after the Grey Cup how people were saying no team in the NFL would make a mistake like the 13th man? In last nights game with less than 1 minute to go and the Vikings in FG range Minn. had too many players in the huddle and took a penalty which put them out of FG range. On the next play Favre threw an interception forcing the game into OT.
Couple of point to make from it, 1- the media didn't jump all over it even though it cost them the game as much as the interception. 2-NFL OT if you win the coin toss you'll probably win the game.


Stuff happens all the time.

I don't remember anyone saying that would never happen in the NFL ... it happens in lots of other sports too ..

The guys that play in the NFL are just as human as the ones that play in the CFL. Human beings make mistakes from time to time.

The guys in the NFL, the lineman though, are superhuman, superhuman eaters that is! Man, did you see the protuding bellies on some of these guys? Ok, some of the CFL lineman have big bellies too I suppose. :wink:

fact is CFL lineman have to put on excess weight to play in NFL_ kind of backword in this day and age of health and fitness consiousness! x against nfl Ironic that Farve get,s to be the goat after his stellar career . IMO Argo,s should sign him to 2 yr plus option

Not entirely true. Take an NFL roster and average the weights against those of the Tiger-Cats' roster. You'll be suprised how close the average is. I looked at the Bills OL and they averages something like 6 pounds over the Ti-Cats.

Would anybody venture to guess what percentage of NFL offensive linemen are on steroids?

Remember how big of a deal it was that William "the refrigerator" Perry was 300lbs? That was, what, 1986 or so?

Now how many NFL O lineman are well over that weight?

Team Average weight

Ravens 327
Bills 323
Bengals 315
Dolphins 315
Chargers 315
Texans 315
Browns 311
Steelers 309
Titans 309
Colts 309
Chiefs 309
Raiders 308
Jaguars 305
Patriots 305
Jets 301
Broncos 295

Team Average weight

Vikings 331
Cardinals 326
Cowboys 325
Eagles 322
Saints 320
Lions 318
Bears 317
Redskins 313
Packers 313
Giants 311
Rams 311
Bucs 305
Panthers 305
Seahawks 305
49ers 301
Falcons 295

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hehehe wishful thinking .....

besides they will throw him on TV here....

Average weight of current Tiger-Cat O lineman is 301 lbs. Just calculated it.

It's obviously not all about weight. The Jets are one of the lightest lines in the list CK gave us yet they were the top rushing team in the NFL this past season.

100? Kidding. I would guess the percentage is higher for defensive linemen than offensive linemen though.

Speaking of steroids, HGH, etc., how bush league is it that the CFL STILL has no drug testing policy of any kind? By having no policy, the league and the players' association are effectively condoning steroid abuse. Or are we expected to believe that Glen Kulka was the only guy in the league who ever did it? :roll:

No one in the NFL does steroids because they do regular drug testing. Anyone who does them these days gets caught fast.

Safety, steroid policies are a bigger joke than not having them. Regardless, they’re mainly all juiced anyways, and I don’t care less to be honest, good on the CFL for not being phoney and two faced IMHO by pretending to be on the up and up. :thup:

If my kid had a chance to make pro and he needed that extra push with some roids, I’d say go ahead.

But if the de facto policy is to ignore it, the League should publicly state that their official position is to ignore drug use by players. They are taking the weasel route by wringing their hands over articulating a policy. I wouldn't be surprised if the BoG and the PA both want to permit steroid use, but if they were to make it their official policy they would open themselves up to all kinds of liability.

Articulating a policy that is a joke is a weasel thing to do? Give me a break. Where I work, there was someone who wanted to look good and didn't have much to do so the person did all this make work stuff of having a policy and procedures manual and that which was a joke, with technology and the fact this p & p manual was trying to unite different people working for different employers. The minute the p & p manual was published, it was out of date, I was doing things differently myself as it was more efficacious to do so since technology allowed it and it worked.

Look, if leagues want to look squeaky clean and have a committee with players association and draft up a drug policy, then do it and I suspect the CFL will want to do this to look all nice and clean but do it right so they are taking their time. But it's a joke, the players will still be juicing and getting their masking doctors to show them how to test clean. Do you think pro leagues policies are like the Olympics? Not in a million years.

I respect the CFL for not having one and basically telling the world it is very difficult to get one that actually works because, they don't work. But the CFL will eventually be a liar like the leagues that have one, unfortunately.

No, humming and hahhing over an issue that the league has been aware of since at least the early 1970s is a weasel thing to do.

Not in my opinion since technology all along is changing the testing and masking routinely. I'd be humming and hahhing over establishing a written policy. It just seems like the right thing to do.

Being aware of an issue and being able to construct a really well articulated policy that will withstand the daily technological scientific advances going on are two different things. The CFL and players association could easily make a policy like other leagues on a dime, but this is Canada and we are smart, just like our educational system is in many cases, superior to that of the US. Here, even if you can run a 4.40 40 yard dash being 275 pounds or dunk a basketball a hundred times in 10 seconds, doesn't mean you get into university, the way it should be.