Minimum XFL Salaries to be Lower than CFL’s

That is a lot of $$ going out when there is not much $$ coming in.

There is nothing coming in now because there are no games to attend or televise …XFL has TV agreements with ESPN (ABC, ESPN and ESPN 2) andFox Sports (FOX, FS1 and FS2) … no details onamounts … and we have no idea what attendance will be like … fewer gimmicks andmoretraditional football may draw better.

TV Networks are paying production costs only. XFL is getting nothing in rights fees. I am fairly certain that ESPN and Fox insisted on having teams in the bigger markets if they were going to broadcast the games.

Anyway, the exact amount of incoming or outgoing money is not relevant if you want some measure on how long the XFL lasts. Only thing matters that is how long Vince McMahon is willing to throw his money away.

Having failed once I cannot see Vince’s ego not taking the XFL into the a second season.

That’s exactly the reason Vince WILL have a 2nd season and perhaps many more. If anyone ever read the book, “The Long Bomb: How the XFL became TV’s Biggest Disaster.” or seen the ESPN documentary, Vince never fully got over the failure of the XFL. He was all ready for season 2 when NBC pulled the plug. It wasn’t until UPN, which originally agreed to a 2nd season, threatened to cut WWE Smackdown down from 2 hours to 90 minutes, Vince ultimately caved in.

Yet somehow Vince McMahon expects his football “league” to be taken seriously by sports fans.


Analogous to the AAF, Vince McMahon and others can throw as much money at it as they want but if by the third game there are few butts in those seats and the television partners have to pan low deliberately to avoid showing such embarrassment as if it’s 1995 and some carefully guarded secret by Baby Boomer types, well then good luck with that.

I guess some have money to burn.

And Vince is one with hot air enough to keep the flames fanning.


Incidentally what’s the over/under in weeks for the survival of this circus?


The XFL will survive. Starting any business there are expectations of money loss but once the league gains some ground this will be a big problem for the CFL. Any American would prefer to stay in the US if the money is comparable and the season is also 8 weeks shorter. Let’s wait until season 2 or 3 to see how the league will do.

Vince already has shown that they have the finances to back at least 3 seasons. This will give them something to build on.

What is that based on? How about their previous attempt, NOT.
How many other RIP leagues have we heard making similar promises.
Most recently with ALF or whatever they were called.
Seem to me they professed to be well organized, with upstanding football people and most important sufficient finances to last at least this year.
How did that turn out lasting what 2-3 weeks.

No kidding, how about 5-6 weeks and definitely not the entire year.

Don’t confuse these other bogus leagues that tried without any finances in place. Vince now knows what it takes based on the first go around and is well prepared to make sure the league has a solid opportunity to succeed long term.

Sooner or later (probably sooner) Vince will get tired of throwing good $$ away and finally realize that AAF players playing spring football won’t interest enough people.

Don’t let week 1 “Success” fool you.

He also didn’t become a billionaire by being business stupid.
If this league, and I will call it a dog with flees, has no paying fans and low TV numbers in the early going he will pull the plug.

Vince will get this it right this time around. He knows there is an untapped market and becoming a billionaire also comes with taking risks which he is doing. No risk no reward.

Cardale Jones would be an interesting CFL QB prospect.

At 6’5", 250 lbs does he have the mobility for the CFL …

Oh yes he does.