Minimum XFL Salaries to be Lower than CFL’s

XFL tells agents that average player salary will be $55,000… via @ProFootballTalk

So when you factor in the difference in exchange rate, the minimum salaries in both leagues will roughly be the same.

Then when you factor in the tax rate, they’ll make more than a player in Canada…

Minimum in CFL next season will be $65K Cdn which translates to $49,300 (U.S). So CFL minimum will be slightly less than XFL average.

Decent news, but it should be noted the XFL season is only 10 games long, while the CFL is 18 so on a per game basis, it’s works out a bit differently.

In that case, you should also factor in the part about the XFL only playing a season every 20 years or so.

Taxation factor creates a real cluster…

True lol ;D

Its just NOT looking good for XFL.

This falls in line with the numbers they have been saying

Also…a big difference is that it is 10 games.

While the starting salary in the CFL,in 2020, will be $65,000, the average salary will be closer to $100,000 in 2020. Presently it is in order of $98,000.

We can’t compare average salary with minimum salary.

If the average salary in XFL is $55,000, the minimum will definitely be smaller.


Its already stated in this thread.

XFL Average is less then CFL minimum. (Average = Minimum) the words mean different things but somehow gets twisted on here by some

XFL won’t be paying what the CFL pays and won’t have QB’s earning 700K

But that’s only if the XFL makes it through the season.


If you say so. Must have been “implied?.

My point is that you don’t make a lot of money after the league folds.

Thanks for the math lesson.

No, but players can play close to home, keeps their expenses way down and their family life way up. When you factor it all for most American Players it is a wash.

Maybe. Maybe not. And no long-term viability likely at all, so no.

But can they end on a footnote as bad as Johnny Nacho munching away behind the end zone?

Maybe part of the fun is in the schadenfreude, which some of us experienced for the AAF.

I called the exact day the league would fold as many for no good reason were still believing as the stands sat almost empty.

They delayed one day until 2 April because they didn’t want to fold on April Fools because that would have been too ironic and comic.

So let’s grab our popcorn or nachos on this one too.

XFL runs from November to April. So the obvious solution is to simply play in both leagues. 8)

XFL might be OK with it as players would still have a couple of months “off season” but wonder how the CFL would feel about (a) getting “used” players and (b) indirectly supporting a league that could be problematic … only way I see CFL being on board is if the XFL goes into a 2nd/3rd/etc year and players are choosing them over the CFL

The XFL regular season -10 games- will begin on February 8,2020. They don’t want to compete against the NFL.

They may have camps in November,but the regular season begins after the Super Bowl.


There are actually 3 current Alouette players who draft-eligible in the XFL. One of them (Chris Schleuger) has been with the team since training camp. All 3 played yesterday.

XFL Salary Structure
Base Pay - $27,040 for whole season being on the team’s 52-man roster
Active Roster Bonus - $16,850 for whole season being on the active 46-man roster
Winning a Regular Season Game Bonus - $2,222

Activefor the whole season on a winless team - $43,890
Active for the whole season on a .500 team - $55,000
Activefor the whole season on an undefeated team - $66,110

There will also be bonuses for the playoff wins.

The above will apply to about 90% of the XFL roster. League will therefore pay more to 4-5 players perteam. Mostly, they will be quarterbacks whose numbers reportedly could go as high as $495,000.