Minimum of 8 Regular Season Games in Guelph Daylight

Here's the latest on the delayed 2013 CFL Schedule:

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Nice update, thanks for posting.

Looking back at last season, the only summer day games, in the East, were a couple of 3 o'clock Saturday starts and one at
5 o'clock on the August Holiday Monday, all in Toronto. As those times were accepted by TSN, I think we can expect the same mid to late afternoon starts for Guelph games prior to Labour Day.

I think afternoon games on weekends are fine for most fans going to the games. Who wants to be driving home at 11PM especially if you have kids or if you have to be up for work the next morning.
However, the evening games are good for TV ratings.
Looks like we won't be seeing the Ticats at home on Friday nights this year. With the lack of lighting I guess it will be mostly Saturday afternoon games summer and fall. Besides Sat afternoon maybe they can get in a Canada Day game, the August Monday holiday afternoon game and a Thanksgiving Monday afternoon game.

After reading through the article, thanks by the way, I guess you are assuming that if they play one home game in Moncton, the rest will be played at Guelph. Given all the scheduling issues in the article, may be they will not be able to play all 8 in Guelph, may have to play 1 or 2 somewhere else?? Maybe I’m reading too much into this, and I just hope all 8 are nearby.
Having got the five pack of games, it will be interesting to see how they package them.

Paragraph 13 from the article:
"Playing out of a temporary home already, the Tiger-Cats would be a likely participant in this year’s Touchdown Atlantic game. It would be the only ‘home’ game they would play away from Guelph this year, however."

Day time, weekend games in the summer?

Ugh! I think that's gonna be a tough sell at both the gate and on TV.

The sooner 2013 is done and becomes a memory, the better.

I agree, they're brutal. I believe we had a couple of those in 2011.

I would expect Sunday games in July and August, moving to Saturday and holiday Monday games after Labour Day when the NFL gets going. The schedule might be a little front-loaded with home games, since scheduling will be much easier before U of G starts up in September. I am not sure if the stadium can support a Saturday university game followed the next day by a Ticats game, or if all the CFL and TV equipment requirements makes it a one-or-the-other proposition each weekend.

It's Guelph Ontario not Florida :smiley: Do you think warm sunny weather turns fans away? I know that wet cold weather is a tough sell.
Nothing like sitting in the sunshine! If baseball fans can spend hours in the sun, I think football fans can too.

1 pm games on a saturday suit me perfect ur out all day in the sun and home having a bbq by 7 with as many cold ones as u want throw in a cat win its the perfect ending to a good day

That's exactly the point and why the CFL usually schedules summer games during weeknights. Nice warm sunny, summer days are few and far between in Canada, and Canadians have better things to do than stay inside and watch TV or even attend a game.

And again, that's why the CFL will usually have day games on the weekend later in the fall.

I've always loved planning an entire summer day with it being capped off with a trip to IWS. I much prefer night games than afternoon games.

Preferably I'd like all games to start at 3-4pm because then you could go out for the afternoon, come home, watch the Cats beat up their opponent than still have the entire night to go out or what have you. But obviously 3-4pm starts for Hamilton are few and far between.

The wife definitely doesn’t like hot humid sunny afternoons to watch a game, for her that’s generally the worst type of weather to go to a game unless it’s shady, she’ll take 0 degree temp before that. How many of these days you would get with 8 games though is anybody’s guess, not many I wouldn’t think.

Id like to see the Canada day long weekend game at home and then have the schedule very back loaded with home games. It sucks the lights aren't good enough for tv because a few night games would have been fun... I also hope we have at least 2 games in TO and if they could find a way to make that 3 I think it would be great.

We are talking about ONE season with half the games played before Labour Day, so that's only 4 afternoon games before Labour Day. So if they can get Canada Day at Monday 4PM and the August Holiday on a Monday 4 PM then there's only TWO Saturday afternoon games in the summer.
Take an umbrella if you don't like the sun.

They better not play right on Canada day. I'm all for playing on that weekend but having it right on Canada day would just be stupid if you ask me.

From Scott Mitchell on twitter:

"Insane rumor that we can't play night games in Guelph is beyond ridiculous. We will be and it has nothing to do with schedule delays. Zero."

Look on the bright side: maybe every home game this year will be rainy. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

(Do I sound like a Ticats fan yet?)

Perfect, even if the lights aren't currently good enough I wonder if they plan on upgrading that as one of the changes they make to the stadium.