Mini Football Giveaway on Sunday!

Austin wasn't overreacting. He had solid professional reasons to be angry about the mini-football throwing. While the chance that a flying mini-football would injure a player is miniscule (barring some kind of fluke with a player flinching in surprise while he's rubbing his eye or something), there was actually a very legitimate risk that a player could be injured from falling or turning an ankle as a result of slipping on one of those balls on the ground, especially in such large numbers.

Can you imagine the shit-storm if Collaros had been injured in that game due to slipping on one of those mini-footballs on the sideline?

The team could also be assessed a penalty because of fans throwing stuff on the field.

maybe but how do you prove it was a TiCat fan that threw it

They wouldn’t have to prove it. It’s at the discretion of the officials. Same thing if there’s a jackass with a whistle in the stands.

I've never seen a penalty given due to something going on in the stands without a warning before. Usually the announcer will tell the fans to stop throwing items on the field, or the team may be assessed a penalty. Just curious, anyone remember a team actually getting a penalty for this before?

And come on, it happened after the team scored a touchdown. I'm sure the players can avoid stepping on mini footballs and injuring themselves.

Hamilton Tiger-CatsVerified account ?@Ticats 14h14 hours ago
Look up on Sunday. Way up! A @RCAF_ARC CF-18 Hornet will be ripping over Tim Hortons Field before kick off.

That is a Hornet with a "sting" it's enemies will never forget!

GHA ?@flyGHA 5m5 minutes ago
Keep your eyes on the sky today Hamilton. F18 arriving this morning. Hope he shows off #ticats

If the game is disrupted by fans throwing stuff on the's assessed to the home team. We sure don't need any extra penalties...END OF STORY. Don't be stupid people, by throwing stuff on the field. :roll:

Hell yah

They may just hand them out as we leave the stadium. Still gives us a ball and assures no disruption during the game. Thunder sticks not really an issue being thrown as they won't go far.

CWH Museum
An @RCAF_ARC CF-18 has arrived, and is staying until the @Ticats game flyover Sunday.

CWH Museum
An @RCAF_ARC CF-18 has arrived, and is staying until the @Ticats game flyover Sunday.