Mini Football Giveaway on Sunday!

[b]All fans attending Sunday’s #TicatsSayThanks game will receive mini-footballs and thundersticks courtesy of Enercare[/b], and Ticats All Access members can enter to win an Alex & Ani bracelet courtesy of Barry’s Jewellers. Fans may join Ticats All Access for free at in advance of the game to participate and take advantage of other special offers and exclusives. Fans will be able to visit the Findlay Family Zone on game day to have their photo taken for the chance to be featured on a future billboard for Findlay Personal Injury Lawyers.
Guess they didn't learn their lesson last year? Good chance we end up with a bunch of footballs on the field after a Ticat TD. While I'd hate to see the team take a penalty because of that, seeing Kent Austin screaming on the sidelines as people rained down footballs during the first game at THF was absolutely hilarious.

Be proud of your TiCats and be proud as the CF-18 Hornets fly over and shake THF.
May your RCAF
Fly High
Fly Fast
Fly Proud!

Enjoy the Game!


Per Ardua ad Astra :thup:

Can still see Kents face beat red like a tomato yelling at the fans hhaha

Is the CF-18 confirmed? I read flyover in the article posted but it didn't mention what it is..

I hope it is the CF-18 :thup:

Probably another Hercules flypast from Trenton. The problem with the CF-18s is they would have to fly from Bagotville and they don't have the legs to fly all the way do a flypast and fly back to Bagotivlle. But who knows, they do training missions all the time and pilots need flying time to stay current so they could land and refuel in Trenton.

I used the Hornets because they are your primary Fighter Fleet and I don't really know how the RCAF schedules their flyovers.
Here in the US depending on location there is a real assortment of Military aircraft used for flyovers.
How about the RCAF have a flyover with their Bombardier CC-144 CHALLENGER aircraft.
No matter what aircraft flys over be proud, that is Your RCAF protecting your great Country from on high!

A Challenger flypast would never happen, they are controlled and maintained by Transport Canada for VIPs, our pilots fly them but they don't really belong to the Air Force.
The primary jet trainers is the "Hawk" a fast jet, saw them do a flypast over Mosaice stadium but the Moose Jaw training base is close. We don't own or maintain the Hawk either, our pilots train on them but they are owned and maintained by a division of Bombardier.

that would explain why I couldn't find a military version when I googled it.

cant wait for Sunday!!

The Challenger is a Bombardier 600-series business jet. Same class as Learjets and Gulfstreams...

Oops, didn’t mean for this to expand as it has, only jokingly Challenger99 suggested using the CC-144 Challenger aircraft.
The CC-144 fleet of 4 aircraft are operated by the RCAF as Transport Squadron 412 based at Macdonald-Cartier Int’l Airport and are used as VIP transport aircraft.

I've started collecting these things, I have three different ones right now. The old yellow ball, the inaugural game ball and the black current ball. I do wonder if this will be a new unique one? Probably a fan appreciation ball.

Hammer, do you really think they would give YOU a fan appreciation ball?
Just kidding, enjoy the game this weekend!

If no CF -18 than how about a WW2 Lancaster Bomber named VERA!
And a Tribute to Corp Cirillo RIP it's been 1 year ...

Mini football give away on the same day CW80 makes his first appearance in Hamilton.. What could go wrong??

The angriest I've ever seen Kent Austin was last year at the mini-football giveaway game. He was pissed with the fans behind the bench that threw the balls on the field and was shouting obscenities at the idiots. I think I heard him shout something like "even Riders fans wouldn't do something as stupid as that"

It was hilarious. Kent really seemed to overreact.

Wow -- that is really saying something.

i was really expecting someone to bean him while he was yelling, this is after all Hamilton.