Mini Camps...And Simon in Green

First look at him in green I believe...courtesy of

From quibits I have heard from a friend who watched the action, it looks like Milt Collins will potentially be playing a growing roll with the club as he was really a go to guy for the coaches. He didn't have too much else specific to say other than it all looked pretty organized for first going, and that the players all seemed to work extremely well together and coach each-other up....gret to hear, because this is competition time!

Just went thru video clips. Player interviews were good. This min-camp is a great idea and really breaks up a long winter.

yeah...superb team building event as well...especially for the guys who stayed local this off-season and are still in the midst of winter!
<<<looks at calender...April 9th...hmm
<<<looks at temperature...-16C...hmmmm

Enjoyed the videos too... with 80 guys at camp and... was it 52 days till training camp? we should be able to get an interview a day now right?

Well. Simon in green is tough to get used to too. But it looks good. Imagine how the guys feels after 12 yrs in orange.

The best interview was Bryce McCall. Months ago I posted that I hoped this kid was learning how to long snap? His video included him long snapping and it looks like he's learned this. This guy would be a downfield demon on teams. Will he fit somewhere as a backup on defense..............I think he'll have to work hard for that. but playing teams and being a long snapper can combine for a long career. I hope he make the squad...............snap 100% and make 25 ST tackles a year.

He deserves it. He had a bad 2012. Had a bad combine and his stock fell apart..............nobody drafted him. He played a good season for Huskies and kept trying hard. His reward was signing in green and getting a crack. I predicted long snapping might be his ticket so i hope he has a great camp.

The other videos were good too.