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Drew Edwards?Verified account @scratchingpost - May 1,2017
#CFL teams need to be down to 75 players today so expect several clubs to announce cuts, including #Ticats.

By my count, when you add the number of players, now listed on the roster here on, to that of other players, not listed, who've also been reported by the club and/or the local media as having been signed, almost a quarter of them will have to go to get the Cats' total down to 75.

Here is a list of our cuts

Drew Edwards?Verified account @scratchingpost 14m14 minutes ago
OL Jeremy Lewis made 39 starts over three seasons with #Ticats, including 14 last year. Hurt his knee & missed last four games. #CFL

Marsh ?Verified account @TSN_Marsh 17m17 minutes ago
#Ticats have released OL Jeremy Lewis and DB Elroy Douglas whom the team drafted 41st overall last year #CFL.

Gives new life to that old expression about a rolling donut...

So, after the 14 cuts, listed above by Grover, and the 2 players going to MTL in exchange for 1, the site roster now lists 71 players, but doesn't include:
Quinton Alston
Demarr Aultman
Devon Breaux
Jabari Gorman
Delonte Hollowell
Matt Johnson
Jay Lee
Jordan Swindle
Torian White
Ed Williams
Somehow, 71 + 10 = 81, but = 75. New math? Non-counters?

And might I add still not a kicker in the bunch :o

But, there is still a Bunche (Malcolm, INT OL) in the bunch, bobo, who you might get a kick out of.
(I know, I know. Should be … out of whom, you might get a kick.)

LOL!!! I wonder if he can kick ? At 6' 6" 320 lbs he would probably go down as the biggest kicker in the history of the game . :wink:

Looks like we signed a kicker, he does seem confident anyways

Craig Peterson? @c_peterson19 9m9 minutes ago

If you haven't heard already I'm happy to announce that I've signed with the Hamilton Tiger Cats of the CFL. #CraigTheLeg #goticats #CFL

Did he sign a 2 month contract with Spokane??

Feb. 22.17 -

In a move that was expected to occur before their season opener, the Spokane Empire have announced the signing of kicker Craig Peterson to the active roster.

Peterson (6'3'', 220 lbs) is a first year IFL kicker, but comes with two years of arena football experience under his belt. He appeared in 24 games for the Tampa Bay Storm over the course of the past two seasons. During his rookie season in 2015, he appeared in all 18 games, converting 4 of 6 field goals, including a long of 47 yards, and converted 85 of 98 extra points. He was one of the better kickers in the AFL on onside kicks, ranking second in the league with 5 successful onside kick recoveries. Last season, he appeared in 6 games, converting 2 of 4 field goals and 15 of 23 extra points. Prior to his arena/indoor football career, he earned his college degree from SUNY Cortland (New York). In 2014, he participated in training camp for the expansion Ottawa Redblacks of the CFL.

I love it! A little swagger and a nickname, the perfect kicker!

His performance on extra points is not very good... 85/ 98 one year and 15/23 another. Those should be virtually automatic. 47 yards as longest FG isn't impressive either, unless of course he was never given a chance at a longer distance. I hope somebody does better than that in training camp. Not to mention the punting job.

1 Arizona Rattlers 7-13 53.8% 50-54 92.6%
2 Cedar Rapids Titans 5-20 25.0% 9-16 56.3%
3 Colorado Crush 11-27 40.7% 29-37 78.4%
4 Green Bay Blizzard 7-30 23.3% 32-42 76.2%
5 Iowa Barnstormers 4-16 25.0% 37-45 82.2%
6 Nebraska Danger 9-22 40.9% 45-60 75.0%
7 Salt Lake 5-15 33.3% 17-29 58.6%
8 Sioux Falls Storm 13-21 61.9% 49-58 84.5%
9 Spokane Empire 11-16 68.8% 34-45 75.6%
10 Wichita Falls 17-27 63.0% 53-62 85.6%

It appears that the kicking game in the Indoor League is somewhat challenging...

From the Arena Football League rule book:

"An indoor padded surface 85 feet wide and 50 yards long with eight-yard endzones.
Goal posts are nine-feet wide with a crossbar height of 15 feet (NFL goal posts are 18 1/2 wide with the crossbar at 10 feet)."

So FG posts are less than half the width with the cross bar higher.

Also, a 47 yard field goal means he kicked it from his 3 yard line give or take!

Thanks FenderGuy,

Very good to know. I didn't think of that.

Or the 10 yard line if they count thatthe holder is 7 yards back. Anyway you slice it is a lot tougher scoring points as a kicker. I assume that there is no punting ior kickoffs in this league

In the Indoor Football League, they do have kickoffs, from the kicking team’s goal line, punting is illegal, a rouge may scored and a drop-kicked field goal earns an extra point (4).

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Because the name appeared in this thread only, I'm asking this question here .....
Does anyone know the situation regarding INT LB Quinton Alston?

He was among a dozen players announced, by the club, as signed on April 25th and he was listed, as #45, on the mini-camp roster, posted by the club that same day. However, I don't believe he was ever listed on the main roster. There were several other players, whose names were also missing from the main roster then, but they have all since been added to what is now an 80-man list. Alston was not named as being among the cuts, announced by the club, on May 1. ????