Mini camp

Did anyone have an opportunity to follow mini camp?

I heard our defense looks big, strong and fast.

I have read a little bit that has come via Rod P and such...also happened to be in Orlando and snuck down for a day which was cool.

Rayford was dominant in the bit I saw...left me wondering why he was passed over in the BC I believe....perhaps he left...idunno, but he was impressive....and a complete monster yet not even the biggest on the DL! Sounds like the guy is taking it way way more seriously in the past...sounds like he kinda tried riding his size and college play and was a bit lazy in the pat but has woken up

I don't know how many QBs were there...heard around a dozen....Durant looked in form...dude is in shape and intense...Dan LeFevour was there...didn't see that coming....guess they opened the doors to the MLFB players who had anticipated a season. BJ Coleman will likely be in training camp and fighting for the #2 spot....Murphy has been trying to ink him for several seasons...I hate to hype this early...potential successor....nice since they pooched up on Jennings in Riderland last year.

I guess about 40 QBs have been evaluated thus far...crazy

Was surprised to see Johnny Mark and had a quick chat...he is a solid as heck kicker. Might recall that he went back to school after he was drafted by the riders then went elsewhere...thinking he pushes Bartel out. He can punt and is a ver good place kicker as well. There were 3 kickers there...all NI none presently on the roster. Heard this Sy kicker also had a solid punting leg...never saw them punting while there though so idunno.

piles of LB competition and there were some good looking players was nice to see a change from the DB playing LB experiment. They actually were apparently playing a few players including Nationals out of position and put them at DB. I don't recall who at the moment...I will likely recall later and post was Jordan Reaves...the Manitoba guy who was a basketball player going out for WR for the Bomber last season. I recall talking to someone about him...sounded like they were basically saying the kid has all the talent in the world but is still learning the game and only been at it a few years...this was throwing him to the fire and seeing how he responded and seeing if he was astute to the game and worth being a project. There were a few others as well...pretty interesting approach

everything I have seen/read/heard is pretty impressive...but there are several camps to go.

there are also some videos on the site

Thank you kindly.

my pleasure...wish I could have taken in more, but I will be at more minis, and not just for the Riders :smiley:

100% feel that other teams will be looking at Rider minis and scooping a few players. Right now I am getting the feeling we will see a regular rotation of a NI in the secondary (beyond safety), which would be cool to see. Weirdest thing...I guess this one WR is NI..he was there and is like 5-4. When they said they were going to turn over stones on NIs that people were missing they were not kidding. There are a good half dozen NIs on the radar that were in the shadow of obscurity.