Mini camp

Les Alouettes vont tenir leur mini camp à Vero Beach en Floride du 15 au 17 avril.

J'espère que nous pourrons bénéficier d'une bonne couverture médiatique afin d'avoir une idée de l'évolution du système offensif.

We should all flood the Gazette's switchboard so that Herb get's to go.

I asked Pierre Durocher if he will be there again, and he said it will be Mathieu Boulay who should give good coverage.

Jim Popp on the radio this morning said from 2 previous try-out camps there would be 2 o-linemen, RB, DE, and LB from Miami invited to the mini-camp. No names mentioned.

Chad Johnson invited, but as it is voluntary Popp not certain he would be there.

Popp also said team way ahead over previous 2 years, but that Thorpe has work to do to bring defense on board with the new rules.

Andrew Hawkins will be a guest coach, Ben Cahoon also asked but could not make it.

As per Kirk Penton, Johnson is not there. Veteran CFL DB Jonathan Hefney is participating.

You can certainly tell what Popp thinks of these rules changes reading between the lines.

Thanks, CFL, for punishing teams that field elite defenses and not giving them ANY time to adjust. You must really want your Calgary mini-dynasty...

Popp did a Facebook Q & A on the Als website today. These were 2 of his comments, one obviously translated for him.

Hi François. Thanks for the kind words. First of all, I agree there is an overreaction. That being said, there had to be rule changes to eliminate defence's being aloud to do what they were doing against offences. I think that the teams that lacked offence last year will close the gap on the better offences as the teams that had the worst defences will close the gap as well. Overall, you should see higher scoring games. I just hope we don't have Arena League scores.

Merci pour ta question Daniel. C'est incertain à ce stade, mais ça va affecter les trois phases du jeu. Les attaques devraient s'ouvrir. En défense, le style de jeu des joueurs devra changer (on ne connait donc pas les effets immédiats) et sur les unités spéciales, les retourneurs de botté devraient avoir un terrain beaucoup plus ouverts devant eux.

lol...yup it is all a conspiracy against the Als defense.

Now we know what the ongoing season long complaints will be focused on. That's a relief. Deslauriers will be on the bench, coaching staff seems stabilized...owner is back in the good books. So now its the rules. Fall back can be the QB I guess. Too funny. Predictable but funny nevertheless.

Yes, indeed. Jim knows this is overreaction. And his concern is justified. I, too, hope we don't routinely get 50-45 games that three-down football into a joke. We'll have to see. Thorpe has his work cut out for him. When you recruit and coach defenses to play a certain style, it is a big adjustment to have to modify that style in a few months of offseason. We may see some changes at defensive back over the year if our current group has trouble with the new style.

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So apparently Deslauriers has a broken finger and Bryn Roy a torn pectoral. Both will require surgery. Also, Steven Lumbala has retired.

L'embauche de Volny prend tout son sens avec cette retraite. Je suis un peu surpris de cette décision, mais Lumbala a certainement pesé tout le pour et le contre. Souhaitons-lui bonne chance dans sa prochaine carrière.

Lumbala battled concussion issues, similar situation I guess as Andrew Woodruff. Unlike Austin Collie these guys realize they have 50 years of living after football.

DB Rod Williams, the free agent signing from Sask., also retired.

I think it is all speculation at this point. We will have to wait and see. I share his view that something needed to be done.

Oui. Et ce sera probablement le cas de Stala. Un peu malgré lui et pour d'autres raisons, cependant. Si c'était le cas, ce serait chic de la part des Alouettes de le souligner en cours de saison.

From the Winnipeg Sun`s Kirk Penton who was there:

#Alouettes mini-camp is over. Jonathan Crompton looked good and was in charge this week. #CFL

On the other hand both Penton and Mathieu Boulay had mentioned Skelton had accuracy issues.

Skelton hasn't played ball in a couple years. it will take him at least a year to understand what is going on, if the Als decidede to invest.

I doubt Skelton will amount to anything TBH.

Really, as far as I'm concerned, it's a two-horse race between Crompton and LeFevour when the latter is healthy.

I agree. They will start the season with Crompton and hope for the best. If he fails after six to eight games they will turn the team over to LeFevour.

I did not realize Lumbala concussion situation was that bad so retiring from football makes sense for him.
Rod Williams is a Question mark for me. He is just 2011-2012 removed as a top All Star top CB. Got NFL shot. returned to the CFL in '13 and was key for the Riders. Last season had a great year. Seems like he is in his prime. What was his reasoning?

His mom and dad looked pretty broken up when I saw them at the Stadium last season. I was wondering why. Must be when it happened.