mini camp Florida

Alex Anthony...I have been fairly keen on this player, and if mini-camp is any indication he will have a bigger role in 2015.

Messam came in in much better game shape and could see more action...he just looks ready.

So...Richardson took a 1/3 of a day's reps all braced up, then was on the sideline. Smart money says he will not be ready for the start of the season...and I mean cmon...he has been off for a year and a half. Not sounding promising.

Getz is looking and feeling great...a 180 from this time last year.

Riders first pick sounds to be an OT.

Oh, keep an eye on Jerodis Williams at RB

You are bang on Depop about an OL, I feel the same way on Sask. first pick. Going to be an interesting 2015 season on rule changes, CFL game much much more the better.

well, they basically said that they were picking an OT. Not sure if that was intentional, a slip or a "slip" to throw people off...but yes, agreed that it makes sense that it would be their pick. All of that said, I am sure they would love to nab up Addison Richards. If I had to bet, I would bet they pick up OL in the 1st round and maybe a LB in the 4rd.

Personally, I am undecided on how I feel about the no contact rule you allude to. It sounds like a crap-load of flags in waiting and it really depends how harshly they enforce it. If they start flagging for a feathering on the back when there was clearly no impeding I will be pretty disappointed...and that pretty much sounds like where it is heading. There is just too much stacked against the secondary now.

The 32 yard convert is a joke, aimed only to get flashy returns, which will fatigue players and open doors for more injuries. Funny that the NFL has figured out that as flashy as returns are they are where a lot of head and other serious injuries happen and you basically don't see KO returns any more because of rule changes, yet the CFL is attempting to increase the number. There are so many things that are stupid about that rule change and really a couple positive.

The no release until kick thing...sure...that will help lol
How many hogs do you see being the first down field now? Heading down field early just sounds like yet another opportunity for a flag to me.

So what have they done...
the punt changes should cause more flags. There might be a few less 5 yard no-yarders, but those really have never slowed down the game...they are generally processed really fast
Created a situation that will cause a tremendous amount of penalties on passing plays, at minimum for half the season.
Implemented "tempo" offense, which is simply going to cause a defender to "take a knee" more often.

Buckle in for 4 hours games.

To me the new rules are a joke and a knee jerk reaction to better defenses last year plus a number of starting qb's being out a number of games doesn't help either. Not sure if they implemented all the changes they were talking about but if they did this is going to turn into a touch football league. Only allowing certain players down field on punts until the ball is caught is completely a farce. You have guys at the line standing still and watching until the ball is caught then having to try and get into the play, meanwhile the returner has a full head of steam up and 300 lbs guys trying to get in the way? Please where is the entertainment in that? . I like seeing the linemen lumbering down the field and just as the ball is caught goes plowing into the returner knocking him flat on his azz. No contact with receivers after 5 yards? Give me a break. Mild hand scrapping on both sides of the ball makes it more entertaining. This has potential to turning into just a foot race. The team with the fastest receivers wins. Frankly I almost puked at the thought of the new rules they suggested. Heck why not have a penalty shot where the qb and receiver go against one defender. Wow wouldn't that be entertaining? The game last year was slowed to a snails pace because of all the flags now we add even more potential for more flags and that is suppose to fill the seats? A 2-3 hour game last year dragged out to 4 hours with all the penalties. Now it will probably drag out to 5 hours. Yes Joe family wants to go to a game with the kids and have them getting bored and instead of watching the game they are on there smart phones. Thats money well spent. Leave the game the way it is and let the players play instead of having tricks to entertain us or the refs deciding the games.

Ya I was hoping for less, more consistent PI calls not more. PI calls slow the game down way too much.

After reading the comments above, now I should have deleted the much, and then put a ? mark after better. Well at this point has got me thinking on a deeper level about these rule changes.