Mini-Camp 2016 ?

Does anybody know if the Alouettes plan a Florida mini-camp this spring? For the past few seasons, Als and a few other CFL teams conducted brief camps in Mid-April at Dodgertown in Vero Beach.

I might be able to engineer my work travel schedule so I can be in Florida in April. It would be fun to spend a day watching the team drill and maybe test some new playbook schemes.

Problem is, I see nothing posted at either the Als site, nor at the Dodgertown site - and now I wonder if the team, the league, or the Players Assoc. killed the idea.


It will be in West Palm Beach this year end April, not sure of the exact dates. I believe the Roughriders are doing theirs in Dodgertown this year.

"Calvillo said 80 per cent of the playbook will be completed by the end of this week, when the coaching staff finishes its set of meetings. The goal is to have the playbook done by the conclusion of mini-camp, at the end of April in West Palm Beach, Fla."

The paragraph in quotation marks led me to a Jim Popp interview by the Montreal Gazette. Yep, looks like it'll be at WPB late April.

A little farther away than my intended travels, but not impossible. Hopefully the team will release some details soon - so I can increase the odds of me being there.

Thank you.

Lucky you, it beats MLB Spring Training. Enjoy and bring us back some gossip!

I'm no longer buying that a late April mini-camp will happen. According to the Alouettes tryout schedule, the last one is on May 7th at Mooresville, NC:

Would they conduct the camp before they finished evaluating the try-out candidates? Come on Als front office .... how about a little information sharing with your fans? :thdn:

The mini-camp will be held April 27 and 28,2016.


Quite possible that some of the open try outs are after. There has been a change over in the scouting staff. Edme use to arrange the open tryouts and he's left so there might have been a few hiccups with scheduling.

Like Richard said, from this Apr. 6 story it`s Apr. 27 and 28 for first year players.

Ainsi, le 27 avril, Dussault mettra le cap sur la Floride pour épier les joueurs de première année des Alouettes dans le cadre d’un mini-camp de deux jours. «Je vais d’abord devoir me familiariser avec les terminologies et les façons de faire chez les Alouettes», admet-il.

[url=] ... uettes.php[/url]

The dates of the mini-camp could also be April 28 and 29 ,2016. François Dussault- son of Jacques Dussault- has been invited,as a coach, to the mini-camp and training camp. He is 32 years old and a coach with "Les Diablos du Cégep de Trois-Rivières." It was written,in la Presse, : "Il mettra le cap sur la Floride le 27 avril 2016, dans le cadre d'un mini-camp de deux jours." "Il sera au camp d"entraînement le 25 mai 2016". Most probably for the rookies. Main training camp will begin May 29,2016.


RougeMe, I would reach out to the Als PR guy to confirm.

Thanks all! Some good hints in that Trois Rivieres newspaper article.

Not sure I'll make the trip if it's strictly a rookies camp - but if I get anything more specific from the Als' public relations folks, I will share it here.

Avec u nom pareil, peut-on le croire? :twisted:

If any PR guys were "crooks" this year, it`s certainly those of the Canadiens, jerking fans around over the Price injury. :thdn:

That's what happens when your fans are zombies. You can do anything you want with no flak coming back. Place will still be packed.

Seats were all sold (or virtually all) before the season. But apparently scalpers can't even get face value some/most nights, and there have been plenty of empty seats visible in recent weeks.

[i]Well said! Johnny is happy that the habs sucked this year. It will now be possible to go out to a restaurant or pub on Saturday nights this spring, without having to endure the zombie hab fans screaming all night at the TV monitors :thup:

Also, for most of this winter and spring, we were spared from enduring the visual pollution, of all those Canadiens mini car flags! Johnny hates those!


Not as much as I hate the BJs flags, the first of which I saw today.

Livin Large in ma Suzuki ! :lol:

Riders PR guy now saying the Als will be in Dodgertown in Vero Beach where they were last year:

@17Pollock - "@MTLAlouettes are coming down here in the next few weeks @HistDodgertown for their mini-camp." #CFL #Riders #Alouettes

Is he confusing it with the Eskimos who will be there Apr. 16-19?

And this guy who works for CFL digitital says it`s Apr. 27-29.

CFL News ?@CFL_News 12h12 hours ago
RT .@jeffkrever
Other #CFL teams holding mini-camps in April: Edmonton (17-19); Ottawa (24-26); Winnipeg (25-27); Montreal (27-29)

So to be precise, it`s somewhere in Florida, sometime in April.