Mind Numbing Stats

Since 1936 Hamilton teams are

W 451 (47%) L 492 (51%) T 20 (2%)


Since 1950 Hamilton Grey Cup Games

W 7 (41%) L 10 (59%)

Double Ouch.

By these stats Heck I would gladly take a 9-9 season :?

Stats! Now you're talking. Let's put your second one in perspective.

Since 1950, including 1950, there have been 56 Grey Cups. With perfect parity and no American teams, every Eastern team would have been there 14 times. The Ticats made it 17 times. Rather than "ouch, those losses are bad," let's say "alright ... we've beaten the odds in the playoffs!"

You're exactly right, 1912.

I still think it's a great spin, but we've beaten the odds for the playoffs :slight_smile: