Mind numbing coaching

I was just looking at a lot of videos of Lumsden.He is certainly a great talent!How is it possible that he is used so infrequently?How can coaching staff ignore the team's greatest asset?Even when it was said that he was stopped in the last game he still average just under 5 yds per carry.Everyone knows(except the coaches)that he had gotten more carries he most likely would have broken one.Could it be the lack of confidence in Canadian skilled players?

I can only presume that Charlie Taaffe has a lot of fish to fry right now. In other words, he knows what Lumsden can do, but he seems to have one or two new receivers for each game. He probably feels the need to thoroughly test these players.

Unfortunately, and if my theory is correct, this plan isn't working and most of the fans appear to blame Jason Maas. Personally, I think Jason is doing an admirable job but has been stuck with some lousy offensive line play.

Ironically enough, the offensive line blocked well for the run against Winnipeg, allowing Lumsden to almost set a team rushing record.

I too would like to see Lumsden carrying the ball more. As you say, eventually he'll likely break one or two, thereby giving the defense something else to worry about and this would open up our passing game.

I should qualify that last statement regarding our passing game. Actually, Jason's numbers aren't bad at all this year in terms of completions. Unfortunately, with the exception of the Winnipeg game, he can't seem to get his team through the red zone.

All the more reason to give Jesse the ball.

It is not a lack of faith in Canadian skilled players . . . . we practically ONLY have Canadian skilled players.
Leading Rusher: Lumsden
Leading Receiver: B. Ralph
Highest Yards per catch: C Bauman
Best Receiver last Game: J. French 5/44, & TD

When we don't go to Lumsden it is other Non-imports. 7 guys caught passes last game, four were Canadian. When we didn't rush with Jesse, we rushed twice with Ralph.

I wonder if the hope was that Edmonton was beatable, and that was the game to find other people to step up.