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well, I tell ya. It has been a long 3 months! there have been numerous times when I have so wanted to post a reply to someone that has seriously annoyed the hell out of me but I just had to resist. :rockin:


I for one am extremely troubled by the Roughriders and their extremely disappointing start to the 2011 season.

I just can't figure out how they allowed themselves to get to this point!

Durant has not been playing well, except for the Alouettes game and the Coaching staff has been sub-par.

they have made 2 very poor coaching decisions, the hand off with 46 seconds left vs the Alouettes. THEN allowing Durant to have the time count Violation penalty to occur!

which gave the Stamps 3 more points than they should have had in the first half.

I swear that Durant is showing us that he's not a very multi-dimensional player! He's managed to throw away 2 games all on his own!

Our defense desperately needs work! the rest of the league has found out that you can pass on us!

and now for the surprise! Eskimos at 5-0! ??

I truly did not think that they would be this far ahead... I figured it would take them at least 9 or 10 games to catch their stride but I must admit, even as someone who dislikes the Eskimos thoroughly I am impressed with the coaching job that Reed and his assistants have done and even more impressed with the level of Talent that Tillman has brought to this club.

Now the question is - how long does this last? I really do believe that the Esks winning streak will be coming to an end in Winnipeg, even with Pierce out of the game. (that guy, does he ever stay healthy???)

It's going to be a low scoring affair either way but I'm not saying absolutely the Bombers will win.

It's been a difficult season so far to enjoy. I wish the Best to Kornegay in B.C.... and I knew that Whitlock would be gone after the last game.

with his lack of discipline and his drops, you had to see it coming!, no?


But I'm happy the Bombers are first.. now if they can just maintain this with our without Pierce.

btw, I don't know who's going to win between Saskatchewan and B.C. it really depends on Berry and if he'll let Durant roll out more and run!

Btw, it is 2011 right? it's not 2001 again? because the Riders are looking like the Shivers/Barrett team.

Its ok…

The Riders need to learn not to make simple mistakes that cost them the game. Sure its been a tough start but the Riders will turn things around. Think of the bright side, the season is just getting on a role so theres plenty of time to fix problems. Secondly as of right now we are not in last place :lol:

Welcome back. I admire that you were able to honour the bet with so much going on. I'm not sure I could have stayed away that long.

I don't think they allowed Durant to take a time count violation on that play. It happened but wasn't planned.

Pierce is not out of the game. He's going to be practicing on Monday and will start against the Esks. Please don't say you actually believed Chief's thread or did you just see the title and not read it because no where in the media has it said that Pierce is not going to play.

:lol: :lol: Awesome! Dude's so injury prone, my thread's actually believable.

Welcome back, man. :smiley:

well done cflisthebest…

It wasn't me saying that he's out. It was me saying that if he was out of the game it would still not matter.

ya I know a bit complicated..

I am guessing your return was the reason for all the traffic on the site last night. everyone anticipating your return.

if that were true, I'd be flattered. :smiley:

gotta give you kudos cflisthebest, I was sure you wouldn't honor your punishment. Welcome back.

Take a look at the Ticats D prior to 2011 season, and it aint hard to figure out what is wrong with the Riders.

I'm just gonna leave this here... http://www.cfl.ca/statistics/statsGame/id/666

Chief Chief,... don't you know it's in the current CBA that the Riders must lose minimum 1 game to the Eskimos every season?


The next two games between the two teams are at Commonwealth. However with that said, things could/will be different much later in the season as well.

Yeah, but you guys didn't even put up a fight. I was embarrassed for you. :stuck_out_tongue:

...welcome back dude...the forum missed you...

....Are you back here again :lol: .....seriously ....welcome back...You sound like you just woke up from a bad dream with your take on the riders season so far....It's still early :wink:

Seriously? The defense is not The Riders issue. It is our offense or lack thereof. Yes the first two games they were pretty terrible, but the Hamilton game they played well, but as the game went on they were on the field too much, against Montreal they played very good, and if it wasn't for a terrible fumble the score would have said 17 points not 24. And this last one against Calgary, they held them to 17 points as well (field goal at the end of the half was not on them and the Safety we gave up also not on them). You tell me before the game that Calgary is only going to get one touchdown and 4 feildgoals and I will be ecstatic.
Richie Hall has gotten the defence to play well enough to win games. More then well enough to win games.

yeah but there were times during the game where Burris moved that ball down into our territory and we couldn't stop them.

our offense is the main issue yes, but our defense is not as good as it was in the last 3 years.

A lot of mainstays have departed from the D. Baggs, Chick, Jhonson etc.....

It has been a disapointing start to the season though. It was mentioned above, that the Riders are not in last place, and really, if they can get this turned around and win some games...in this league, all you need to do is make the playoffs!

…it is unreasonable to assume that any D, no matter how good, is going to hold a veteran QB with many weapons at his disposal and an intelligent offensive coordinator calling the shots to 2 and outs indefinitely…holes will be found and exploited…that doesn’t mean the D is bad, just analyzed and understood…

…I’m with Billy on this one, your D kept the game within reach, but your offense did nothing to help…