Milwaukee CFL Stadium Plan at Miller Park

Here is a picture of the plan I made for a short term CFL football park in Milwaukee.
Tell me what you guys think.

Remember this is only for the first season until a real stadium can be found.
However this could turn into a real stadium if the Beer Barons turn out to be a bigger hit than expected in the new CFL town of Milwaukee.

you're nuttier than squirrel sh!t.


Ok Here is my theory.

The smaller baseball park is already there. It does have some seating, not alot but some. It also has a level ball field.
Placing this style of bleachers around the football field would a cheap way to get the first season started and would reduce financial risks if the team would not return for another season.
In addition, it is in a prime location close to highways and has tons and tons of parking.
The Movable Bleacher system can be moved for ball games in a matter of a couple hours.
I found some great sites that offer such movable bleachers for a fair rental fee.
The Ball park already has the electrical needed but portable Lights would also be used at ran off of generators if needed.

Im still waiting for an answer as to why someone who lives in Manitoba is pushing for a team in Milwaukee

The CFL is not coming to Milwaukee. Do you have the money to buy a franchise, a lease for a stadium, and all that jazz? Even if you did, which you probably don't, the CFL is not expanding to Wisconsin, let alone the United States of America. I don't know about you guys, but to me, this... well, I don't want to hurt your feelings so I'll just stop. When pigs fly the CFL will expand to Milwaukee.

I don’t believe that the CFL will ever expand to the U.S. again but I admire your persistence BeerBarons. I wish more people in Canada would show your kind of interest in the league.

Your not the only one :lol: This guy is crazy.! go cheer on the bombers :rockin:

Ro, you asked this question in another thread, and I gave my hypothesis: Milwaukee draws you in; it's freakin' magic, man! Come visit us, you'll see!

I read your answer.
Im waiting for his :wink:

RO1313, did you not read my first posts about Milwaukee?
Ok let me tell you something about Milwaukee that differs from alot of Canadian towns, ready, here it is. Milwaukee will actually support CFL football.
My first time in Milwaukee I had to sleep in my car because I could not find a hotel anywhere in Milwaukee or even outside of Milwaukee.
Reason being is because when there is a event in Milwaukee, everyone comes out to support it, see it, and take part in it.
Milwaukees events are huge.
Next I have a female freind who lives in Milwaukee and she knows more about football than I do.
Yes , a chick from Milwaukee knows more about football than I do.
Once again, they eat, breath, and sleep football.
I love the CFL so much and I would love to see the CFL tap into this market. It would do wonders for the CFL.
If I were to play catch with Steve in Milwaukee, there would be over 70 000 fans watching us, lol that is how big football is there.
Am I living in a dream land, well maybe I am. lol
Am I nuts, well I may even be nuts, but I will tell you guys one thing, you guys are even more nutier than I am if you think Halifax, Quebec City, or even Ottawa will survive in the CFL.
The chances of the CFL returning in the US may be close to Nil, but I will tell you bluntly without hurting anyones feelings that the CFL will return to the US befor Halifax will ever get a team.
Hey I want a team in Halifax really bad. I would love it and even visit Halifax just to see a couple games, but Halifax will never get a stadium without the games and that means that Halifax will never get a team on its own merit.
And if Halifax does get the games and a stadium, then a team will only last maybe 2 years in Halifax befor it folds.
Once again, I love the CFL, and I would love to see 30 Canadian cities having teams, but the truth is, only 3 Canadian cites have over a Million people. 5 if you count Edmonton and Calgary, but they are border line.
When a CFL team has the risk of losing millions of dollars, no little city would be able to handle that.
All the big Canadian markets have at one time came very close to losing their teams.
Now here I have this great idea, and that is to tap into a place that actually will love CFL football and support it thus making it more competitive.
Milwaukee is the answer my freinds. A Football Crazy town.
And bclions4life, you know the CFL as much as I know the CFL and that is, if you wave $20 in front of the CFL BOD, they will all ask you how high you want them to jump even befor you say anything,lol

lol Yea Im Crazy,lol
When you guys get together in your imaginary stadium in Halifax to see the Schooners take on the invisible team from Quebec City, I will be sure to send you all a post card from Milwaukee,lol
Joking aside I told you guys that I love doing research and this Milwaukee CFL study of mine is interesting. So far I am really enjoying putting my time into this. We all have hobbies and I plan on taking this project to the next step once the fan club and web site is set up.

Still not really an answer!

7 out of 8 US teams failed miserably but you say Milwaukee will do better than Quebec city or Halifax?

Sent us all the postcards you want but the CFL is not going back to the US.

Set up all the fans sits for the imaganary fans you like but there are no fans there to sign up!

that is what Toronto did with old exebition stadium, ,but it was a football stadium first

I don't see anything spectacular about a chick knowing more about football than some guys, BeerBelly..... :stuck_out_tongue:

re bb wrote-reduce financial risks if the team would not return for another season. Sorry but any team should have proven FAN SUPPORT in the form of season ticket deposits, imo if the team sold 3 year package deals for early subscribers, (hop heads?)

The Brewers would not want to share Miller Park with a football team.

My Point JM02 was that she was just your average Wisconsin girl. I am comparing Wisconsin female football fans to Canadian female football fans.
Wisconsin women are much more into football than Canadian women.
In fact, Wisconsin as a whole are into football more than Canadians.

R01313, as I said befor, 7 out of 8 US teams that failed were where?....Deep in the south.
Once again no northern product would work in the south. It has nothing to do with US expansion working or not, but rather the CFL taking any, and they took anyone who had the money for a team and at that time the CFL was desperate.
So what teams failed, well all the southern teams where the heat was to hot to come watch football outdoors in July, however, the one smart francise up north Baltimore, had more fans than most of the Canadian teams.
1200 fans sitting in las vegas hoping that the game would hurry up and end so that they can get out of the extreme dry heat is what a great example of why CFL did not work in the south.
Baltimore fans rocked, and there is still a Baltimore Stalions fan club 10 years later.
Milwaukee is not only another Baltimore, but it looks like it could be better than Baltimore.
Milwaukees high school stadiums are almost big enough to house a CFL team,lol

Here take a look at one of the Many high school stadiums in Milwaukee.
Click on South Stadium.