Milts BluenGold Camp

....What a great way for Stegall to give back to the game...I really like the fact he chose the local kids in the Peg to impart a lot of his very valuable football knowledge and experience to...Kevin Glenn (maybe okay this year but i hope he asks Buck to participate next year :wink: ) was part of the coaching staff as well as local Donovan Alexander ...This is the time to get youth involved....and in a very high-calibre way....Good on you Milt....I hope it continues for many years to come.. :thup:

sounds like the kids had fun and also helped that its been like +25 out for the last severa days now too.

good stuff. saw a video on it and yeah looked like it was fun times :slight_smile: sounds like he's gonna put it on here for aslong as he can..

its always nice to see a guy giving back to a community who made him famous really :slight_smile: and as much as winnipeg owes milt stegall, without winnipeg, milt stegall would be a nobody (dont take that the wrong way).

odd tho that he uses 2 local guys in howell and alexander but then uses kevin glenn.

im wondering if next year, he uses alexander,howell and possibly khari jones :slight_smile:

either way, its all about the kids and looks like they had a good solid time and also quite the learning experience :slight_smile:

and this was just year 1 so id suspect year 2 to possibly have even more guest coaches :slight_smile:

would be nice if some current players were used too tho :slight_smile:

learning from milt cant hurt thats for sure :slight_smile: