Milton: Ticats want Austin as new coach and GM

For a team in a total mess as some suggest, why are the Ticats viewed then as a good org to work for, if this is in fact the case? :?

I also don't get why Kent Austin would sell more tickets? Sure, I think he'd be a great addition but I think it's the players that sell the tickets really. Or for some, the firing of Scott Mitchell I suppose.

Who is saying this is a great organization to work for?

The constant turnover suggest otherwise..

Yup, it's just you.

I did read that somewhere recently, or I thought I did. :?

If they do manage to hire Kent Austin, who would no doubt be both GM and HC, all will be forgiven in my books. That would be fantastic. Not that he would be a miracle worker, but he's been pretty successful as a HC in multiple settings. How he would be as a GM I have no idea.

I wasn't in favour of firing Marcel B, and wasn't impressed with the Cortez hiring from the beginning. I never much cared for him as a coach, and seeing him gone doesn't bother me, though he exited with class and of course I wish him well.

What worries me at this point is who comes next. I hope we can attract someone of the calibre of Kent Austin, though why he would want to come here escapes me. The revolving door in Hamilton never seems to stop swinging.

If he signs and soon, that would be terrific. If we haven't signed him by Jan 1 or thereabouts, I suspect we won't. Then we'd be into scrambling mode again, trying to fill an entire management and coaching staff late in the cycle when the best people are already lined up elsewhere.

Cool...Could you provide me with 5 things that Mr. Mitchell has done,from the football operations side of things (not the corporate side of things) that allows him to have the right to hand pick his successor?


Maybe....just maybe...He's done everything that Bob Young has wanted him to do. Its not up to fans to decide what makes a good president. Its the owner that decides that. And while I don't agree with all of the moves that have been made, most pundits and analysts (and many fans) agreed (at the time) with some of the moves made. Personally, I didn't think MB should have been fired, but his replacement was highly touted. It didn't work out. But not everything does.

As I said, its not up to you, I or any other ticket buyer (or media type) or anyone, but Bob Young to decide if Mitchell has earned the right to hand pick his successor.

What would give him the right to hand pick a president of the Ticats is the hierarchy and chain of command established by Bob Young. Nothing else would be sufficient, and nothing more required.

Whether it's a good idea for Bob to give him such authority is another matter-- one we can all have opinions about-- but on which Bob's vote is the only one that counts. Bob owns the outfit, that's the way it works.

If this is the best folks can do,Perry Lefko’s column rules supreme…


You`re saying caretaker wants a high turnover in coaching in players, and a team that never has a winning record, and a last place finish every other year on average?

Perhaps you’ve misread the question.

I think that's the gist of the question.

I'm sure that isn't what Bob wants, however maybe because the moves didn't work out, it was deemed necessary. Not everything goes according to plan.

Perhaps you missed my points. A) The moves at the time were highly touted (Burris was deemed an upgrade, Fantuz was a sought after FA, Cortez was highly regarded as a coach). B) It's not up to us, the fans or anyone else, to deem whether the President is successful at his job. That is solely Bob Young's decision. Is his trust misguided...maybe.

I've read a lot recently about organizational hierarchy....Owner hires President. GM hires Coach and signs players. Coach hires assistants and decides who plays. Therefore, by that, Mitchell would have little to do with revolving door of coaches and players. That's on the GM and Coaches. Maybe by Obie being 'reassigned', that is being addressed properly now.

I'm not defending Mitchell. I think he's an arrogant, abrasive ass. But none of us are privy to the inner workings, deals and conversations. Bob likes him apparently, and has kept him on, and even put him in charge of his other businesses. So in Bob's eyes, he must be doing something right and is a valued asset to him. And as the sole owner of the team, it is at his sole discretion to do so.

Methinks we're having two different discussions here. No argument with your above statement.

I think the gist of mycko's question is based on the consistent on filed failures with this team.

Are you suggesting that ownership is ok with that, perhaps because there might be successes somewhere other than on the field? fact the first line of my post was that I was sure that wasn't what Bob wanted.

Look at it this way...

Charlie Taafe is hired as coach by Obie. Considered a good move as he was successful in Montreal, had football smarts, and was a Coach of the Year winner. It didn't work out obviously and had a dismal record. He's fired. MB is promoted from Offensive Coordinator to Interim head coach. Again, considered a decent move by some....had been around the league in a long time, and was highly successful in the CIS. The interim tag is removed and he is he head coach, and led the team back to respectability, playoff appearances for the first time in god knows how long, and even a playoff win against Montreal in Montreal something that was considered impossible at the time (although after two years in a row now, that appears to be a fallacy). However, MB never brought a winning record to the club in his tenure, and in his final year especially, the team was woefully inconsistent. He's fired under the guise that it isn't felt that he can get the club over the hump, and much like the impression of Kevin Glenn, MB was a five hundred coach.

Cortez is targeted, and brought in. Again, to many, a shrewd move, and one that was expected to give the team that extra push. I'm not talking much about the players, because in all honesty it is hard to keep them all straight, but remember at the beginning of the year, it wasn't just management that was saying we were Grey Cup contenders, but almost every analyst across the league expected Hamilton to be in the big game.

Without addressing the player movement specifically, some of the changes were under the guise of 'better is better'. Who's mantra is that....Obie. Who hired and fired two of the three coaches mentioned above...Obie. Who also got 'reassigned' and is no longer the person in charge of those moves....Obie.

I think it MAY be possible, that Obie's departure from the GM role is the biggest step to righting this ship. Its possible that Mitchell has finally stepped in to STOP the bleeding, revolving door, coaches carousel, whatever term you prefer (and all are accurate), that was all brought on my Obie's "better is better but not really' style of running the football operations.

Yup. And as I said earlier,

"-- one we can all have opinions about-- but on which Bob's vote is the only one that counts."

We don't know what Bob expects of him overall as a key executive. If he's still on the job I think we can assume Bob's satisfied with his work as a whole. Like I said earlier,

"Bob owns the outfit, that's the way it works."

Of course that doesn't mean people here shouldn't have views and express them. As we know, they do! I don't think Mitchell has been very effective, but one thing I'm certain of is that I don't know his mandate, total responsibilities, or performance criteria. I kind of liked David Sauve as president, but what do I know?

I think it MAY be possible, that Obie's departure from the GM role is the biggest step to righting this ship.

I'm beginning to strongly believe that as well mycko. :thup:

I’ll start celebrating when we have a GM and Head Coach. Until then this is all speculation.

Kent Austin's Cornell Big Red team of 2012 record is 4 wins and 6 losses. :roll: They lost to: Fordham 34-27 Harvard 45 - 13
Brown 21 - 14 Dartmouth 44 - 28 Columbia 34 - 17 Penn 35 - 28 They beat : Yale 45 - 6 Bucknell 15 - 10 Monmouth 41 - 38 Princeton 37 - 35. Their 2011 record was 5 - 5. To be fair, in those two years, they didn't schedule the Little Sisters of the Poor, whom I'm sure they would have beaten handily.

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

If you're wrong on this, I'll be as surprised as I was by the Cortez firing. Austin has been quoted as being "frustrated" this season at Cornell. However, I don't think the combined GM/HC route is the way HAM should be going. Only one team in the league is run that way now and that's by an experienced guy who spent years working under, and learning from, the master at it.

He's in the second year of rebuilding the school's football program. He's doing a good job, trust me. If he sticks to it for five years and succeeds he will be a made man in the NCAA.