Milton: Ticats want Austin as new coach and GM

For the moment, this one’s locked tighter than a drum but we keep hearing the same rat-a-tat-tat from right across the country.

Kent Austin will become the coach and general manager of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, and very soon.

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If true, it’s just as some of us thought about the odd timing of Cortez’ firing, and the simultaneous announcement of Obie clearing the GM spot.

Pretty much what I would expect. He'll bring in Tillman to handle the admin side.

Not sure if you read the article, but that side, Milton speculates, would be handled by McManus, Allemang and Burke.

IMO, Tillman is done as a GM after that Ricky Ray trade.

Can’t read the article. Can you re-post excerpts here. Also, Tillman and Austin are good friends and talk weekly. I wouldn’t be surprised if hiring Tillman was a condition for him to take the Coach/GM position.

The article (Milton: All signs point to Austin & the latest from the Caretaker) can also be found here

Does that work?

Drew, from the above link

I spoke to a number of people around the CFL today and the general consensus was this: there's no way that Bob Young and Scott Mitchell fired George Cortez on Dec. 11 without a plan in place to replace him. And the most likely candidate is Kent Austin. Steve will explain why.

I also emailed Bob Young to ask him about Mitchell’s culpability in this situation. This was his response:

“For the record: Scott and I are equally culpable. We have been and continue to be working hard on building the league’s best football organization.”

Got it.

While the layman doesn’t know it, the Cats have a very strong football personnel infrastructure — assistant GMs essentially — in place with Shawn Burke, Danny McManus and Drew Allemang. They all have strong futures and other teams have expressed interest.
Those personnel have expressed interest, however again with Austin's friendship and past working history with Tillman, I think he would get whoever he wanted for administration/scouting support.

More thoughts on Milton's theory...Scott Mitcehll has said (more than once) that Hamilton is a place where people want to be.

Could it be that Austin has already called, or expressed interest, and then BOOM! Bye bye, Cortez and Obie, get out of the way!

Kent Austin would be a great guy to bring in if in fact this is true.

Thanks for posting Cap'n

Makes sense to me.

And would probably help sell tickets.

You may be on to something.

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It has been suggested the Hamilton Tiger-Cats brass should woo the architect of the Saskatchewan Roughriders' 2007 championship season.

The idea does have merit. The Tiger-Cats should give Eric Tillman a call.

The popular speculation revolves around Kent Austin, who was the Roughriders' head coach when they won the Grey Cup five years ago.

It would not be surprising to see the Tiger-Cats aggressively pursue Austin, who is now an Ivy League head coach with Cornell.

But why not begin by hiring the person who hired Austin in Saskatchewan?

Would Tillman's presence not enhance the Tiger-Cats' chances of landing Austin and, in turn, emerging from the doldrums?

Sure, some additional costs would be involved, but Tiger-Cats owner Bob Young is a billionaire. Plus, if money was the factor, the Tabbies would have retained the highly paid George Cortez -- who was cashiered on Tuesday after one season as the CFL team's head coach.

Keep in mind that larcenous transactions have also worked in Tillman's favour.

In 2007, for example, he robbed the Tiger-Cats blind while acquiring receivers D.J. Flick and Chris Getzlaf, offensive lineman Wayne Smith and tailback-returner Corey Holmes in a pair of deals, while surrendering very little.

From the Roughriders' perspective, Hamilton should have been dubbed Steal-town.

Also remember the tone for the storybook season of 2007 was set when Tillman made his shrewdest move of all -- naming Austin the head coach.

In that respect, the Tiger-Cats may choose to emulate Tillman.

They should go one step further and hire him.

Just a thought. Everyone keeps saying coaches and players wouldn't want to be here, well... the best franchises in this league have had and will have the same people in place long term. Hamilton is perceived to be looking for a saviour. We as fans may be looking at the door of players and coaches as a "revolving door" but to the outside world (not so much the media, but the business world) could very possibly be looking at it as an open door. The door has been open for a long time for coaches and players who want to get in and believe they can help turn the team around. What Scott Mitchell said could actually be very true if the outside business world looks at Hamilton as more of an opportunity than other teams in the CFL, rather than the revolving door we see it as.

You know the only way Austin would be interested in coming back to the CFL would be if he had total control as Coach/GM. That said, he needs a trusted person on the admin side, and in steps Tillman.

doesnt matter who they bring in as GM and or HC. As long as Mitchell is in charge, ticats will continue to fail. Just cant be changing coaches and or gm every yr or two and expect to get anywhere. Nor does it work to keep making major player changes.

Hopefully for the ticats, they will at least keep the core of the offense if not the whole thing.

Mitchell is already looking for his replacement.

[url=] ... -2014.html[/url]

[b]Hamilton Tiger-Cats' president Scott Mitchell wants to hire his own replacement by the time the team moves into its new stadium in 2014.

"I'm the CEO of Bob Young's Canadian business operations," Mitchell says. "We operate multiple companies and invest in various projects. Each of those has a president or lead executive and our goal is to find an excellent candidate for that role with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats before the new stadium opens."

Mitchell also says that by the time the team is in its new home, vice-president of football operations Bob O'Billovich will have moved into a consultative role.

Mitchell has been a controversial figure in the city, stemming in large part from his role in the bitter stadium debate.[/b]

8) You can bet your life that an agreement had already been made with Austin, before they axed Cortez at this crucial time !!
8) I doubt that it would help sell tickets at this point, "Captain"
  How many times have the fans been duped, and led down that glorious garden path with all the hype from TiCat brass
   in the last several years regarding new coaches or players, only to be disappointed once again !!

    Most intelligent fans will take a wait and see attitude this time around, before buying into the latest hype of promises !

Is it just me or is the thought of Scott Mitchell hand picking his successor a more than disconcerting move?

In what universe has this fool earned the right to pick anyone for anything related to the success if this football team?

It's the right that he has earned from gaining the trust of the Caretaker. Unfortunately for us fans, were stuck with him until he decides to leave.

Well that trust has been misplaced by a gullible owner..

Mitchell has proven himself incompetent in his job,as it relates to the football operations side of things,and frankly,little more than a bully/bag man for the owner away from it...

This team is in total disarray precisely because of his poor judgement and poor talent evaluating skills...

Keeping those feeble to non-existent skills in mind...I ask again...

In what universe has Scott Mitchell earned the right to pick anyone for anything related to the success of this football team?