Milton on TiCats run game

[b]“We’re committed to the running game as long as we have consistency in the backfield and consistency up front in our lineup,? head coach Kent Austin said Tuesday. “ Last week we were very committed to it. We had a three-back set that got blown out in the first quarter with injuries. We can’t control those things. We’re not using it as an excuse, it is what it is.

“We’ll run as much (in Edmonton) as we need to run to win the football game.?

Lamar won’t play so it’s likely Gable and Walker will share the load. And they’ll be going against an Edmonton defence which ranks only sixth in the CFL at stopping the run.[/b]

In another bit of news, Arash Madani at SportsNet says the Ticats tried to claim B.C. runnng back Isi Sofele off their practice roster but the Lions put him on the 46-man roster to avoid losing him.

Austin is lying through his teeth , he doesn't give a dam about rushing the ball , if they did they would bring in a Boyd or a Avon and have a serious threat at that position the O line is not run blocking worth a crap either not even 300 YDS after five games is a total disgrace :thdn:

Not so sure about that. They ran the ball seven times in the first half, not including Burris's scrambles and attempted sneaks, for 51 yards. Only two of those runs were less than five yards. They ran it only once in the second half, but by then, the Riders had built up a bit of a lead, so they switched to full passing mode.

no one who gives a damn about the running game would bring in Avon Colbourne this year. someone who cared about fans having current jerseys in the stands might do that tho... kinda hoping we have the former

i agree “cats99”…austin got fired on toronto for not using the running game when he had ricky williams…he never uses the running game…walker is useless since he cant get any extra yards because he is so weak from the waist down…gable…who knows…our OL is terrible and cant make holes for anyone right now.