Milton, ON - Ticats or Argos?

I was in a Tim Horton's in Milton today, north of the 401, and saw they were only selling only argo donuts. So I wondered if Tims HQ decided Milton is an argo town and don't sell the Ticats dounut there or are the other Tim Horton's locations in Milton that have the Ticats dounut.

So is Milton a Ticats or argo town?

If I remember correctly, Milton was one of the cities that wanted the Tiger Cats when the stadium debate was going on.

How quickly they change allegiance!!

hell hath no fury as a woman ( milton ) scorned.

Isn't Milton in the GTA? the Greater TORONTO Area.

Could be, Mike.

As I recall, Milton didn't have a suitable stadium and couldn't afford to build one and wasn't even willing to fork out any dollars to assist them in setting up there.

A town scorned and delusional.

Milton is a drive to to Toronto town. It's become a commuter city.

Why can't they just sell both...heck...have a competition of purchases.

Winner is sold continuously :wink: Ticat of course.

EVERYONE is a Ticats fan. Some just don't realize it! :lol: