Milton: Mitchell directly in the line of fire

The blades have been sharpened

because he’s the boss, and because the team still hasn’t made the Grey Cup in his tenure, and because of the still-lingering bitterness over the stadium debates, this mistake will echo across Mitchell’s local image
on the field, the Cats have fallen way short and now enter the holiday season without a head coach, defensive co-ordinator, offensive co-ordinator, general manager, or director of player personnel. And a 6-12 record tied to the bumper.

They are no farther ahead than they were last November, and are arguably farther behind.

That’s all on Mitchell.

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On Drew's blog, Milton's article has a different headline that reads, Mitchell must take blame for Ticats front office mess

If Mitchell had any honour at all,he would have resigned yesterday along side Cortez.The Owner also should be apologizing profusely for his personnel decisions as it relates to how this team has been run day to day.The talent evaluating deficiendies on this team have been laid threadbare by the firing of Cortez yesterday...

And that has been on Mitchell for a long time...

Rightly so, CK.

Another headline change, this time at the Spec -- Ticat woes land at feet of president Scott Mitchell

And wow, is he ever taking a beating by the commenters at Drew's blog

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I chuckled today when I heard Mitchell on the news trying once again to explain away his latest failure and saying "There is no reason why this team should not win the Grey Cup" or words to that effect. But there is a reason Scott - it's YOU... YOU are the problem. YOU are the one who has overseen and abetted the dismal performance of the football operations group all through your time in charge.
But It's a perfect example of how individuals like Mitchell NEVER see themselves as the problem. Their bloated sense of their own importance and abilities always requires that the blame be placed elsewhere. And I do not give Bob Young a pass on this whole mess either. Mr Young has allowed Mitchell to operate this franchise with impunity to the point where the football operations group is now the laughingstock of the league. I do not expect a well-intentioned computer geek to know anything about football, but I do expect an experienced businessman like Young to be somewhat less gullible and realize when he and his organization are being embarrassed by his own managers and do something about it.

I second and third the above comments!!!!! SO BOB ARE YOU LISTENING!!!!!!!!!!!!

When is the public hanging or witch burning ceremony? Let's all go to it and sing kumbyaa... :roll:

It's already started Earl. I guess you're late to the party.

Fact of the matter is Scott Mitchell has done more harm to this franchise than good. I would glad like to see him fall to deserved end. And I won't be singing kumbyaa on that blessed day. Something a little more upbeat will be in order.

Maybe "The TiCats Are Humming". Captains lyrics.

How 'bout "Hit the Road,Jack!"?

Yeah, I looked in through the door to the party room alexander and decided I didn't like the overall atmosphere. I'm not saying keep Mitchell or don't keep him, I'm just saying that I really don't think he's as bad as what people make him out to be even though that is based not on meeting him at all. Should he be relieved of his Ticats duties? I think there are only certain people well qualified to accurately make that decision. And I'm not one of those people.

He's Bob's phalic prosthetic. He's going to finish doing the dirty job around the stadium and then move on to Bob's entertainment or IT side of the business or something like that like Bob did with Katz. Bob knows exactly what he's doing.

Agree Hf. Maybe if it weren't for Scott Mitchell, there would be no stadium. Meaning how he conversed with the city people in power in Hamilton at the time made the city either do this or goodbye sort of thing, made them make a decision. That is the kind of work I don't see Bob as liking or wanting to do. In that respect, the stadium, maybe Mitchell really did do an excellent job of getter 'er done. Maybe the hard line, tough approach was exactly what was needed.

Kool-Aid tastes great,huh Earl?..

Simply attempting to look at the situation objectively Welder.

I'm sorry but .. i have to add this.

Both Bob and Scott complained .. publicly complained .. about the location of Ivor Wynne. So if ending up with the same problems and even a couple that make the problems worse ( less seats and less parking ) is getting the job done then your a bit nuts

i understand looking on the bright side of things..but that was a horrible outcome .. for the life of Ivor wynne since it's days as civic stadium up until today there has been no boom around the stadium no demand for anything around it no nothing ..

This is not a win's not a pat on the back job well done moment.. it's a stadium Hamilton will be stuck with for MANY MANY years to come with the same arguments that will surely follow in the coming years ...

I understand where your coming from in a certain way .. that's what there is so i'm going to go enjoy it and be happy with what i got type of thing and that's all fine .. but don't pretend the Tiger-Cats were all peaches and cream and innocent victims in it all they had an equal hand in the whole mess

But if the job was getting a stadium and mangagement rights without putting a penny in cash in the deal then its mission accomplished :wink:

but don't pretend the Tiger-Cats were all peaches and cream and innocent victims in it all they had an equal hand in the whole mess

True in a way dawg. What Scott Mitchell should have done was make the demand for what us, as TiCat fans, indicated we wanted in the surveys done, the majority - a highway accessible stadium with lots of onsite parking.

Come to think of it, Mr. Mitchell perhaps wasn't tough enough and being "too nice" could very well have contributed to the stadium mess. :wink:

oh i agree HF .. they came out pretty good in the deal

mitchell too nice? hahaha good one Earl ..

Actually i don't want to go back to the whole thing because you have blinders on so do some other people that come on here and it's like talking to my wifes cat .. but

If the cats were upfront and said WE DON'T LIKE THAT LOCATION from the get go then an alternative to the harbor could have been found and secure ..and when i say UP FRONT i mean before toronto was awarded the games way back in the planning stages when they and EVERYONE ELSE was told that the west harbor was being chosen for a stadium location .. then the location was drawn up with renderings to present to the pan am committee ( THE CATS KNEW THEN AND SAID ... NOTHING ) then while the wait was on the cats owner BOB YOUNG said " WE WILL WORK WITH THE CITY NO MATTER WHAT LOCATION " they had nothing bad to say .. then Toronto was awarded the games and Hamilton was a go .. THE CATS SAID NOTHING.. so the planning started ..THE CATS SAID NOTHING ... there was rumbling on here .. BUT THE CATS SAID NOTHING..
Then the business plan came out ..and the cats looked at it and realized their welfare days were doomed THEN THE CATS SAID SOMETHING AND THEN SAID THEY WERE AGAINST IT THE WHOLE TIME .. in the midst of all that the cats trashed the IWS location ..
Look what you have today ..ok you get a new built stadium with all the same ol downfalls

so you can say NICE GUY all you want they acted like snotty little spoiled kids ... you can blame mayor fred but up until the business plan came out he had no reason to look for option B because THE CATS SAID NOTHING ..

If the cats said from the get go that they did not like the WH location then i bet things would have been different but they didn't they waited to see what deal they were going to get ...

Ya nice guy alright ...

*i wonder if Hamilton recovered well from that knife in the back .... slung in by the cats cause that was a good backstabbing move that backfired