Milton hits the mark again

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Rightly said. Critique the performance all you want, but never criticize the person.

No need to attack family stuff. But history? Why not if you are talking about experience. Most employers require a history of employment on job seekers resumes, only natural. And quite frankly, it is my opinion that there are very few coaches in the CIS ranks that are really that qualified to coach at the CFL level since most haven't had that real culture of learning football in a real football environment like what we know happens in the States. Here football takes a backseat in just about every community across Canada I would think. I remember my high school coach didn't even play university ball here. How often does that happen in the States, not much I would think? And coaching clinics, sure there are some but most coaching clinics I see in the newspapers are hockey, hockey, hockey.
Attacking someones personality? Well, if I go around at work here and yell and scream at people who disagree with me about a work related issue, I could be fired for conduct not suitable for the workplace. It simply isn't professional. And I wouldn't blame anyone for attacking me on this if I did this publicly and for anyone saying this on a website or newspaper.
So I'm not so sure I agree with everything Steve says here.

I thought everyone was attacking RD because his offenses were akin to Barressi's offenses....

useless without an amazing Oline and five allstars on the feild....

Milton called it Right for sure! :thup: :thup:

Thanks for the link for us out in the "boonies"!