Milton Column On Hamilton Sports Group

Some Lease numbers for Tim Hortons Field

the TiCats signed a 20 year Lease to the Stadium in 2014 @ $450K/yr for the TiCats rent and $150K for the Forge
They also purchased the naming rights to the Stadium for $750K /yr for 20 yrs
To which they flipped 10 yrs of those the naming rights to Tim Hortons for I believe much more than $750K/yr (rumoured $1M/yr++)


20 year lease for the stadium site Young vowed never to play in, threatened to move the team over and torpedoed a billion dollar waterfront project.
Never say never, kids.


Of course you have links to all this. :rofl:


Youd think threatening to move the Tiger Cats out of Hamilton and vowing never to play again at the IWS site would stick out in a fans memory.
The biggest single issue in the history of this message board too.


I thought so


Do we need links to the threatening to move to Burlington or potential relocation to Quebec city?

Cause those things did happen.

I also have a letter from the Caretaker in my inbox that said "the Ticats will have no home after next season" even though the city had landed on sites...


"The earth is round ? pfft show me the data".

Double team and no links?
I'm done, We are polar opposites
I like the TiCats, You guys, not so much


If this isn't a torpedo directed at the WH site I don't know what is.

The West Harbour option which you personally have driven gives the Tiger-Cats no hope of running a sustainable business. Using “best practice” criteria, and confirmed by leading experts around North America, this proposed stadium would rank dead last in North America in terms of usability for its tenants. It imposes a logistical nightmare for fans, particularly the “regional fans” that Mr. Fenn describes as vital to our survival.

As such, I cannot be part of a process that destines us to financial failure before the first shovel goes in the ground.

As owner of the Tiger-Cats, I cannot and will not be party to such an ill-advised concept.

I regret that over the course of the past year, you have not been sensitive to our concerns as your tenant. My major regret is the harsh reality that after next year, there will be no home for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in the City where we shared so much success and positive experiences together. We note that even in the city’s own report, that without a tenant you are well beyond $60 million dollars short of building a 25,000 seat facility.

We will play out our days at Ivor Wynne.


If this isn't threatening to move the team to Burlington, I don't know what is.

HAMILTON—The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have confirmed the club has a possible deal in place to build a Pan Am stadium in Burlington’s Aldershot area.

But the top Pan Am Games official says not so fast.

Club president Scott Mitchell told the Spectator the club is considering partnering with a Burlington-based consortium led by Paletta international’s Angelo Paletta on a deal that would see the group provide $30 million and a prime parcel of Aldershot property for a stadium.

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Nobody said the team actually moved.

Grover, you KNOW all this. In fact, I believe you posted THE SAME DANGED ARTICLES in the past. You used to be the first one to post ANY article involving the team. I looked forward to your contributions.

Seriously, what's your angle?


I have no angle!
I posted the Lease #'s the Ticats have with the City for THF


That was clear in Milton's article, as was the further point that neither Stelco or Young could make a major issue decision, without either the support of the other, or the support of both Mitchell and Lawson. My post was not about that, but rather on other statements in the article.

If Stelco owns 40% and Caretaker a fraction over 40%, that leaves a fraction less than 20% for Mitchell and Lawson to own, between them. If Stelco, Mitchell and Lawson all voted one way, on a major issue, with Young voting the other way, the 3 partners would, obviously win that vote, but their total percentage of ownership could not reach the "60% threshold required." My point, as I stated, was based on taking all of Milton's stated percentages literally.

They all could only be taken, literally, if the threshold was stated as being 59%, rather than 60.

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Personal attacks are not cool.

Make a point, try not to repeat it 17 times, stay on topic and enjoy.

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Thanks for explaining
My head just exploded! :rofl:

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All I think of as I read this is....if two trains leave the station... And train A... Just kidding.

I get you now. There can't be a 60% threshold without Young's vote, since there wouldn't be 60 left, by definition.

Hamilton Sports Group is not part of HUPEG/Copps, but the broader point is we have not 1, but 2 entities in the last few years putting some serious money, time and effort into Hamilton Sports properties.

I think that's relevant all of us. Further, Paletta was tied to the ticats with the proposed Burlington stadium, and now he's with HUPEG. So there's a tie in there if you need one.

It would be something if the two groups merged, they might really make some noise then.

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@Dr.Snuggles @Grover @DisplacedCatsFan

Talk about football, not each other. The next person I see continuing with the bickering will get a timeout.