Milt Threegall

Considering who the next two games are against :lol: Hamilton :lol: , I think itll be safe to say by August 4th Milt Should be 1st on the all time touchdown list. Comments? Predictions?

it could be a possibility but i think he will break it after the home game against hamilton

I think its actually 4 :slight_smile: oops according to the record ticker on this site it says stegall 4 TDs away from record :smiley:

my comment? you are underestimating hamilton...

dont take hamilton to lightly, they are a lot better then 1-5

haha i dont know if id count on that 123James321.. but it would be awesome if he could break it at home

Keep thinking you have this game in the bag. You have played Montreal twice and lost. We have had them 3 times and in Montreal twice but have kept our games close. You beat the realing EE twice and the second one should never ever have happened. And you have beaten the Argos without Allen.

Your defence is stellar right now and healthy. Credit
But do not take our defence to lightly even though they are very banged up.

I predict a very low scoring game. Should be fun.